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Upcoming Adventure

Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:56 pm

Hi Everyone!

I just accepted a position teaching high school science classes and doing IT support at a community center in rural Kenya for a year.

I anticipate having a wonderful adventure. However there are a number of technical questions I have, and anticipate having later.

The first involves traveling with electronics. I'm planning to take my gen1 macbook as it is old and I got it for less than $400 so it can be sacrificed. I would however like to put an SSD inside. Anyone have good advice there? I could buy a new machine, but disposability is a high priority!

To compliment the old laptop, i'm looking at the Nexus 7 with the unlocked 3G. I did some preliminary research and it looks to be compatible with the frequencies used in Kenya. The only trick is cutting a full sized SIM to a micro SIM and activating it. This gives me one layer of redundancy and also relatively low cost. Does anyone know more? I also see that one can root the N7 to work with USB modems, but it is an ungainly solution for a portable device.

I would consider just taking a tablet style device, but it must be able to manage photos. I've been pouring over all the W8 tablet, but can't find something I like. I would love some input there. I have a 500GB external HD that will go with me to store photos and back up files. This is were the Windows Surface looks tempting, for the big USB port, but it just doesn't seem like quite the right device.

The last part is, my degree is in Biochem. What IT support I do is self taught mostly through the forums here! So I may have to ask for some help with strange issues.

This position starts in August, so i have several months to get everything together!
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Re: Upcoming Adventure

Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:03 pm

Sounds exciting. I spent several weeks in Uganda years ago (with Scott, aka Damage) and have fond memories and continuing relationships from that adventure.

To increase the likelihood that your questions get answered by our pack of trained gerbils, break them up into separate posts with descriptive titles and re-post in the appropriate sub-forums (storage, mobile, networking, whatever).

And please keep us updated on how this goes!

- Adam (Inkling) Eiberger
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