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My Opine on Windows 8

Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:47 am

Because of some viscous malware I picked up I was forced to nuke my Windows 7 install and start new again. So I decided to use one of my MSDN keys for Windows 8 Pro.

After making my USB drive bootable with the iso by using Microsoft's little tool. I was able to boot by USB to begin the install. I decided to time it and was shocked to find that from boot to getting to desktop was a total of 9 minutes. Think about that, it took 9 minutes to install Windows! This is a far cry from any other Windows OS where it usually took at least 30 min.

So the OS itself. I am actually quite surprised how 'snappy' it is. It reminds me of OSX a lot. I dont care for the 'modern' UI as I find it counter-intuitive and I installed Classic Shell which is totally free and works wonderfully.

I like the Hyper-V now I can take my Development machine I use at work home with me and use it. No more re-installing all my dev tools which took hours.

The only problem I am is offloading my users folder from my SSD to my HDD. I followed a few guides that are supposed to create the symlinks by using command line controls but It seems it is only moving my ../users/public folders and not my actual account folders. Does anyone know of a program that does this 'automagically'?

Overall I am quite satisfied with Windows 8. Sure it has its quirks but then again going from 3.1 to NT was as huge of a step back in the day.
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