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Using Nas for backup w/ raid 1

Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:01 pm

Hello, I am somewhat of a technical dunce so pardon my ignorance on certain topics. I will be building a new pc here in the next little while. I've built 2 before and that isn't a problem for me. What I need advice on it backup.

What I want is to have a complete backup of my system available and to have all my documents, music, etc. networked to be able to access them remotely.

I will be building the pc with a small fast ssd for the system drive and frequently used programs and will have all my personal data on a large hdd.

If I get a 2 bay NAS running RAID 1 I should be able to back up both my ssd and hdd and have them mirrored between the 2 drives in the NAS correct? That would essentially give me 3 copies of all my files; 1 internally in my pc and 2 in the NAS. Is this overkill? The other options would be to not install a large hdd in my pc and use the NAS for all that large data. I could still use it as my main data storage and as a back up of my system drive correct? Or I suppose I could just do a single drive NAS as a backup and forget about the whole RAID idea since there will essentially be two copies that way anyways. Any thoughts?

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