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How to run 880G and 6870 at the same time?

Sat May 04, 2013 9:54 am

I want the 6870 to mine (Bitcoins) and the display to be connected to the integrated 880G (Radeon HD 4250) because when mining at full tilt, the 6870 gets laggy.

The problem is, the Radeon HD 4250 is only supported in Catalyst 13.1, and the legacy 13.1 Catalyst drivers only seem to support up to Radeon HD 4xxx (even though I'm pretty sure the 6xxx series came out before Catalyst 13). Plus, I would like ot run the latest driver for performance reasons.

I told the BIOS to give priority to the integrated graphics card - but then when I boot up, the 6870 is listed under the AMD Vision Engine Control Center as a "Disabled Adapter" and OpenCL/OpenGL programs crash. Is there any way to "enable" this adapter?
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