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Razer Comms

Mon May 20, 2013 4:38 pm

I've had this software for quite a while now, but I've never actually used it since none of my friends are willing to get it. Anyone here use it? How does it compare to programs like Skype, TS3, Ventrillo, or the old xFire?
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Re: Razer Comms

Mon May 20, 2013 7:49 pm

If Razer Comms genuinely offers free servers and voice quality equal to the hosted solutions then it ought to be better than Skype or Steam Chat.

However, if you already have access to a Ventrillo, TS3, or Mumble server then Razer Comms seems to be another 'me-too' solution to a problem that has already been solved several different ways.

I also wonder what Razer's ulterior motive is;
"There's no such thing as a free lunch"

Razer are paying to host these servers and then offering them for free. It's either

  • marketing (expect to be bombarded with ads),
  • a way of building up marketshare before making it freemium or a paid server,
  • an information and statistics gathering ploy where somewhere in the EULA you grant Razer access to all of your contacts, list of played games and shopping habits without realising it
There has to be something in it for Razer; Nothing is ever free in a fiercely competetive market, in the same way that you don't just "click here" to win an iPhone.
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