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Re: 27" vs 30" Displays

Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:26 pm

Chrispy_ wrote:
DeadOfKnight wrote:
The new U2713H and U2713HM are LED backlit as well, lol. They're completely new animals.

Sure, but you were talking about the U2711 you ordered. No LED's in there apart from the little ones in the power button ;)

If you can get a U2713HM for $550 I think it's worth it over a Korean screen which is going to be $400 with a decent desk arm. You get the warranty and the build-quality for your extra outlay.

Yeah, but since the order was cancelled I did some more reading before aggressively trying to find out what went wrong and ordering it again. I'm now looking more closely at the Dell U2713HM and the Asus PB278Q. Anyone have one?

Also, after reading through moriz' post, it's pretty clear that higher ppi isn't all peachy like I thought it was. Maybe the 30" would actually be a better buy for me in this case, since I can afford it. 27" is more bang for the buck though.
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Re: 27" vs 30" Displays

Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:55 pm

cynan wrote:
I don't know when Dell lowered the aggressiveness of the anti-glare coatings on the higher end Ultrasharps, but it must have been sometime toward the end of the u3011 run. Reading reviews on the u3011, you see a lot of complaints about the over-the-top AG coating. However, I recently went from a 3007WFP to a u3011 (last revision) and found the coating to be significantly more subdued on the u3011. I much prefer it to the 3007wfp.

LG toned it down- likely due to the non-stop complaining. HP and Dell panels have thus followed suit as the new panels made it through their production lines; though I'm not sure on the status of the HPs. Dell seems to have corrected all of the ails of their 30" on the U3014 except price; their 'gaming mode' essentially eliminates input lag. Wonder what HP is up to, though I won't be in the market for quite a while :).
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