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desktop computer case

Thu Jun 06, 2002 4:44 pm

can someone know of a site where i could get a desktop computer case? this is for the classroom's computer here at UFla, all desktop cases ive search got a 200watts ps max... why is that? our config for our computers is Athlon XP1800, 512mb, 40gb hd, geforce nvidia card, i have to use a 300w ps?

thanks a lot

peace :roll:
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Thu Jun 06, 2002 4:51 pm

200W would be risky with that computer. Two 300W cases are available at TCComputers ( ... /cases.htm ) , which is an easy company to purchase from, though most online retailers probably have something to fit the bill. Nice computers for a university (U.NV just buys Dell PIII's, not even Tualatins...)

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