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Biostar Ideq 200N

Wed Mar 31, 2004 12:56 am

All my machines are in a rack. I've gotten into the TV/PC thing lately. Tried to connect 6ch to my stereo which is a good distance from the rack.
Need a very long optical cable. Yup, $300 custom made 6 weeks to get...arr

Bought the Biostar. Have processors, memory & drives.

Showed up.

Opened box.

"Oh, how cute!"

15min later it's booting to a XP cd.

Hour later it's running.

Later that night it's pretty well full configured.

Use realVNC to run it, dual head, one to the TV thru a converter box I have. PowerDVD plays, nView enabled pops the movie display to the TV and leaves control on the screen.

What a kick butt little unit. Easiest setup I've done in ages.
Impressive engineering, well laid out, clean bundle.

I own a machine shop and need PCs out on the floor, I can see more of these little biostars in the near future.

Only negative is there were some defects in the sliding door. I shot a mail to Biostar on this, told them how much I liked the unit and what could I do about the door.
They told me I could buy one thru the accesory dept. :(

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