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Antec Aria cable Management...

Wed Feb 23, 2005 12:17 am

So im gettin an antec aria soon and need to know a few things about space and a wrong area Q about raid...
So, im plan on moving my main box into this box, and that includes my 120gb raid0.. Now i plan on using the farthest pci slot for the raid card, and wanted to get a 10" rounded cable for the closest drive and an 18" cable for the farthest drive.
Now with this idea in mind, will i be able to route the cables neatly and not experience any drive fukyness because of the different length cables?
And should i get a longer cable for the farther drive to comfertibly arrange it if the 18" seems too short?

and does anybody know where i can find any 120mm white led fans? :D
Once you've made it to this sentence, i hope you understand what im asking...
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Wed Feb 23, 2005 9:37 am

The Aria already comes with one rounded cable but you'll need the longer one to reach the other side without trouble. 18" should be long enough to run around the front of the case under the drive cage and keep it out of the way. And the different cable lengths shouldn't be a problem as long as it stays within spec.

Can't help you with the fan, but I'd make sure it was going to work properly with Antec's thermal speed control before trying to change it out.

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