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Slightly Dissapointed with the SB51G

Wed Nov 27, 2002 9:54 pm

Hi all, just wanted to let you know I got my SB51g, and it's amazing little bit of engineering, a well designed system.

However, here comes my beef, Shuttle advertised fsb settings in 1 mhz increments from 100-165, however, what they failed to mention in their advertising is it's 100-132 on a 100 mhz fsb chip, and 133-165 on a 133 fsb chip. Not to terrible a problem, things could be worse. But then they also fail to note, the complete and utter lack of any type of PCI divisor, it stays on 1/4 for 100-132, which kills the onboard sound completely, and for me that was a huge impact when I decided to get the system. A: to get away from the vileness known as CL, and for better integration with the system.

My wishlist: A way to select PCI divisor, and proper fsb options.

Other than those two options, I love mine.. Too bad it just haven't the buttery smoothness of my SMP rig. :)

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