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Please Help With New Monitor

Tue Jul 10, 2007 2:59 pm

I would like to purchase a Samsung 226BW 22" Monitor
with a Native resolution of 1680 x 1050.

After much research I have learned that the optimal picture is obtained only when displayed at the native resolution. A good picture may be had by a multiple of the native resolution ie. 1680 x 1050 divided by 2 - 4 etc. that would be 840 x 525 --- isn't that correct ?

Resolutions available to me are 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x768, 1280x960 and 1280x1024, so how do I resolve that ? Do I need to find a compatible graphic card or do I just give up the LCD monitor idea ?

The computer is Dell 8300 Dimension with the Radeon 9800 PRO Graphic Card.
Also I am aware of the "A" & "C" issues with the 226BW Monitor.

Thank You for any and all help or advice !

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Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:14 pm

Hmm, I would think the 9800 pro could do better than that...

Go into your display properties, settings tab, click advanced and go to the monitor tab. Make sure that 'hide modes that this monitor cannot display' is NOT checked. Then go to the adapter tab and click List all modes. See if that gives you more options. It's not a 9800 but the intel integrated on the Dimension here at work gives me a whole lot of resolutions - up to 1920x1200 but no 1680x1050 - but the 9800 should have some widescreen resolutions. If not maybe a driver update from Dell or AMD's website.

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Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:33 am

fishmahn wrote:
a driver update from... AMD's website.
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Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:46 am

Maybe it's only showing resolutions compatible with his current monitor and the widescreen ones will appear upon installing the 226bw? Anyway, I bought a 931bw (the 19" one of the same family) myself just this week and to my eyes the lower non-widescreen resolutions are handled quite well by it.

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