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anyone with a Silverstone SG01 Evo case?

Sat Oct 27, 2007 9:15 am

hey there ppl

i'd like to ask anyone who owns this case if they're running a 8800GTS

does the card fit snugly? or was it a hassle to move around to install?

i have the case and planning to get either the 8800GT or GTS depending on which has a significant price drop in the coming months...

i am having a bit of a confidence issue on if the card will fit in this SFF case, tho i have a spreadsheet giving me details on which cards are able to fit in the case

another concern which i should post in another thread is the PSU rating...i have a 450-480 Cooler Master PSU...would that be enough to power either a 8800GT/GTS?
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