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FAH Team stats

Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:43 am

So I was bored at work and decided to update the team stats from 2005.
Overall, we're not doing too bad, although we could be doing better. I still think the 2nd grouping of stats tells our story. We may not be a huge team, but for our size, we kick butt (and take names).

(note: again, there were 6 teams that I couldn't get the data for the size of their community/forum)
(note: you may need to open the image in a new tab to see all the data as it's fairly wide (1680 pixels+ works best))

And just a quick comparison to where we where 3 years ago:
total points: We dropped 1 ranking from #8 to #9
average ppd: We dropped 5 rankings from #5 to #10
active cpu's: We dropped 4 rankings from #7 to #11
active users: (not directly comparable as I'm using active users and not total)
forum members: We dropped 1 ranking from #14 to #15
Note: the rest of these rely on the active users value. While I used the total users value last time, I think it's still fairly comparable.
cpu/user: We dropped 2 rankings from #2 to #4
ppd/cpu: We dropped 4 rankings from #4 to #8
ppd/user: We dropped 1 ranking from #2 to #3
total/user: We dropped 3 rankings from #2 to #5
user/forum: We increased 2 rankings from #4 to #2
ppd/forum: We maintained our ranking from #2 to #2

In terms of year-on year increase:
Total points: We went from 51 million to 383 million points, which is a 650% increase
PPD: We increased from 188k to 734k, which is a 291% increase
# cpu's: We actually dropped from 3261 to 2283, which is a 30% decrease
Forum size: We increased from 9k to 14.8k, which is a 60% increase
ppd/cpu: We increased from 57 to 322, which is a 458% increase
ppd/forum: We increased from 20.4 to 50ppd, which is a 144% increase!

While we have slipped in a few areas, I'm proud to be a part of Team 2630! The best that ever there was!
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Re: FAH Team stats

Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:03 am

Sweet! That's some good data! I hate that we've dropped in so many categories though. Anyone have an idea of the root cause?

We've done a great job in the past couple of months increasing out Team PPD. If we could figure out the root cause for our drop in all those ranks maybe we could figure out how to get back to where we were.
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Re: FAH Team stats

Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:28 pm

I like that we are on the rise in the PPD Department. We just need to recruit and retain new Team TR members. :D Let's put our noggins together in this thread and figure out some strategies we can implement. Maybe tie into "Making Frankie Scary" as a recruitment tool. :P
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