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Mon Mar 25, 2002 9:01 pm

ok, over the next few week im going to be modding a case. lately though, i've noticed the case mods are all very standard - paint it, add a window, add a few blowholes, add a baybus and if you've got the cash an LCD display of some sort.

Heres the story - im trying to be original with my mods. i'll dot he whole paint and blowhole thing, but i want something unique. Now i know its not really original if I'm asking people for ideas, but really i want something thats quite out-of-it, rather than the usual. Do you people have any ideas?

Also - i think the whole point of case modding is to do everything yourself, and it makes me sick to see people BUYING baybuses and LCD displays, i'd much much perfer to have the sense of pride by making these sorts of things myself, so i dont really want sugggestions of stuff to buy.

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Mon Apr 01, 2002 2:40 am

I've been thinking the same thing. All these kits are standard and somewhat plain. I'm looking for some inspiration too. Colors, silence, and cooling are what I'm looking for.
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Mon Apr 01, 2002 10:12 am

well, your request affords me the luxury of just tossing out crazy, potentially unrealistic ideas. So here's one:

- make a "funnel" to your cpu's HSF. Cut a hole across from the unit, and then make some kind of (clear plexi?) cylinder that either goes right next to or attaches to your cpu fan. That would turn your cpu fan into a case exhaust fan in addition to its normal cooling function, hopefully looking cool and dropping your overall case temp. Or you could do it as an intake, meaning you would be constantly drawing cool (outside) air directly onto your cpu.

And if you add lights or something to your cpu fan, that would make it a cool sort of peephole as well.

Weird, I know, but hey, maybe it could be done.

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