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Via Nano- VB 8001- HTPC worthy?- Lian-li Q07 case.

Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:42 am

Hey guys, I think this thread should have been posted in this forum;

HTPC fans, please chek it out.

Anyone seen or worked with the new Lian -Li Q07 case yet? I relly like that one; it's a little bigger, but there's room for plenty of good'ole ATX parts, including a cheap 5.25 Blu-Ray player. (the only slim Blu Ray players I have found are around $300, but your results might differ.)
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Re: Via Nano- VB 8001- HTPC worthy?- Lian-li Q07 case.

Sat May 02, 2009 2:09 am

well, i put it over there because it was content about the motherboard itself, not really focused on it being a SFF motherboard. :)

Thanks for cross-linking it!

As for it being HTPC-worthy:
I think as long as you drop in a reasonable video card to offload your HD decoding, the VB8001 would do very well in an HTPC.
Things to consider though: it only has two SATA connectors, and only two USB ports on the back. That could limit a robust HTPC.
Your ideas intrigue me; I would like to purchase stock in your company.

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