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Re: Give us 10 good reasons you should win a Corsair RM1000i Special Edition here

Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:17 pm

1. Although I have never won a TechReport contest, I have refrained from sarcastic praise to the winners. (Like they really need more affirmation of being a winner...)
2. Has anyone put in all matching cables and hardware in a case that has no window or LEDs to show off their build? Uhm, that would be me.
3. Canadian? Nope. Oh wait, only excluding the Quebecois? Well even in this election year, I'm still not moving with contests like this one.
4. Because running the printer only causes half the house to brown-out, this should take it all the way.
5. Because my last power supply is so old, it says, "Made in the USA."
5. Because my current power supply is so underwhelming, it doesn't have enough juice to type the number '6.'
8. I will actually be able to look my kids in their eyes and say, "this is for daddy," and not feel guilty about it.
9. I was really hoping for 83.4 amps, but I guess this will have to do <sigh>
10. This will prove to my wife that the gods have spoken and that I need the perfect upgrades to go with this, including new motherboard, memory, CPU, GPU and...
11. Because this bad boy will take it to "eleven."
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Re: Give us 10 good reasons you should win a Corsair RM1000i Special Edition here

Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:28 pm

1.  I am currently in the process of collecting parts to build my first computer. 3 cheers for joining the PC master race!!!
2.  I am a broke college student so any discounted or free gear is a must.
3.  The all white Corsair power supply will look great in the white Corsair case I picked up.
4.  1000W is definitely overkill, but I will basically never need to get another PSU ever.
5.  White cables!!!! are you kidding me, those will look so dope in a white case.
6.  I hope to overclock a bit so a solid PSU is a must (gold even better).
7.  I'll take and post build photos when the project is complete.
8.  It has white LEDs, the case has while LEDs... it's a match made in heaven.
9.  Ten reasons is hard.....  I really really really want it.... but muuuuuuuuuum??? (cartman's voice)
10.  If I win I shall consider it a gift from Santa, may he be praised.
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Re: Give us 10 good reasons you should win a Corsair RM1000i Special Edition here

Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:15 pm

Hi! Long time reader, first time poster.

Here are my top 10(believe me there's more) reasons why I think I deserve this RM1000i.

1. I'll be able to rival the town's Christmas light displays with the amount of RGB LED strips this baby can power, and tell my neighbours they have TR to thank.
2. With a whopping eight PCIe connectors I'll be able to go to LAN's and power everyone's graphics cards for them, all while powering my own gaming PC as well.
3. For the first time ever my CPU and graphics cards will be jealous of my PSU instead of the other way around.
4. The white finish and white LED's it will power will match perfectly with the black of the rest of the build to shame even the best looking tuxedos. 
5. My PC having more watts than most supercar's engines have horsepower might finally grab the attention of some ladies.
6. With this much power I'll finally be able to justify calling my PC Megatron.
7. With the components this can power I'll be able to answer the age-old gaming question with "You're gosh darn right, not only can it run Crysis, it can run circles around it!"
8. With this amount of power to contribute to Folding@home I'll be able to get out of laundry duty forever. My good deed level will be off the charts.
9. My cat has been looking for some nice new furniture and Corsair's winter white goes with his black coat purrfectly.
10. Avast, ye landlubbers! This Corsair be so mighty that I'd be sailing AGAINST the current! (Seriously though this would be the most powerful and beautiful piece of equipment I'd own and would be the first step to turning my PC into the centerpiece of the house that I always knew it could be.)
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Re: Give us 10 good reasons you should win a Corsair RM1000i Special Edition here

Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:59 pm

Reasons that I should obtain a Corsair RM1000i Special Edition:

1. So I can get rid of the fire hazard that is my current PSU.
2. I can then put the fire hazard in a build that I'm gifting a friend.
3. Then I'll have a buddy to play tubular games with on PC.
4. He and I will eventually become extremely good at an e-sport.
5. We'll become pros and have Corsair as a sponsor.
6. Corsair will get a ridiculous amount of business because my friend and I are now the face (faces?) of e-sports and gaming in general.
7. We'll get to travel the world like we've always wanted to and spread joy to the masses.
8. I'll save money on my electricity bill.
9. ???
10. Profit.
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Re: Give us 10 good reasons you should win a Corsair RM1000i Special Edition here

Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:02 pm

Ten Good Reasons I, Zaj105, should win a Corsair RM1000i Special Edition from Tech Report

1.    “Because it matches my white build so well!”


Does nobody see what is wrong with this statement? Ask not what your special edition PSU can do for you–ask what you can do for your special edition PSU. I had no plans for a white build. But if I win, I will OBEY my PSU's demand for a white theme.

2.    Because no power supply this beautiful or exclusive deserves to be stashed away under a PSU shroud, never again to see the light of day–which I’m SURE is exactly what many of my fellow entrants secretly plan on doing. The case I will be pairing this with has tempered glass on BOTH sides, ensuring maximum possible PSU visibility / braggadociousness.

3.    Because after weeks of attempting to talk myself down from an RM850i to an RM750i, I’m now entirely, and irrationally, convinced that nothing less than a 1000W PSU is adequate for my future-proofing needs. YOUR fault, Tech Report.

4.    Because plain white sleeved cables saves me the certain agony of selecting the color of EVERY SINGLE WIRE of a custom cable set.

5.    Because I originally taught myself everything I know about PC hardware just to help my little brother build his first computer. Now I’m in the market–and I’m ready to cash in on that good karma.

6.    Because the RMi power supply on Newegg I was sooo close to pulling the trigger on this Black Friday jumped from $75 to $120 the following Tuesday. Non-buyer’s remorse is real, and it hurts.

7.    Because 1 out of 100 is a very lonely number. Not everyone would be able to handle that kind of loneliness. But I will take one for the team, and be that Pariah. I’ll be the hero the Tech Report community deserves–but not the one it needs right now.

8.    Because I KNOW you were going to forget my birthday next month (again)...send this my way and I’ll consider you covered for 2017.

9. Because I’m waiting for the RX 490 to launch, and knowing AMD, we’re probably looking at an approximate TDP of 1.21 gigawatts…with a bit of luck, this PSU can get me close enough.

10.    Because I have very pissy and annoying landlords…but I don’t have to pay the electric bill J 
          NOTE: I know this is not how it works, but the placebo effect will be enough to satisfy my sadistic motivations.

Thanks for the opportunity, Tech Report. May the best entry win!
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Re: Give us 10 good reasons you should win a Corsair RM1000i Special Edition here

Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:51 am

1  INPUT "Hello TechReport!  Shall we pick a Corsair RM1000i contest winner?", answer$
2  IF answer$ = "yes" THEN
3    INPUT "Please select the winner: ", winner$
4    IF winner$ <> "quaz0r" THEN
5      PRINT "An error has occurred!  Please try again."
6      GOTO 3
7    ELSE
8      PRINT "Excellent!  Congratulations, quaz0r!"
9    END IF
10  END IF

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