The Rise of Reusable Notebooks: The Best Ones to Look For
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The Rise of Reusable Notebooks: The Best Ones to Look For

The world we live in today is dominated by new tech releases and technological innovations. While we’re lucky to live in such a technologically advanced society, there are drawbacks. The biggest is the negative environmental impacts our technology and production have on our surroundings. With this issue on the horizon, many brands and consumers alike are looking for more sustainable products and production. One such product that is on the rise is reusable notebooks. 

One way people are looking to reduce their environmental footprint is by cutting back on paper waste. Now, you could write on both sides of the page, or you could try recycled eco-friendly notebooks. However, in our opinion, the most compelling option is to look into reusable notebooks.

Reusable notebooks allow you the feeling of writing and erasing on paper without all the excess paper waste. Here are some of the top options available for reusable notebooks.

Rocketbook Core Smart Notebook

A great affordable option, the Rocketbook Core Smart Notebook comes in at just $23. The reusable smart notebook comes in a variety of colors and can be found at your local Walmart. By using an erasable/refillable FriXion pen, users can write and bind their writing to the notebook. The pages are made of a creative polyester compound that requires no trees and gives an authentic writing experience.

Users can then save their work, and using the Rocketbook app they can transmit their notes to any cloud-based service like Google Drive or Dropbox. To get a fresh page users can then just gently wipe down their screen and get a blank page. No matter what you need the notes for, the Rocketbook Core Smart Notebook is a truly great option.

Boogie Board Blackboard Letter Paperless Notepad

Our next product, the Boogie Board Blackboard Letter, is the perfect versatile option for young students. While this product is great for all ages, its sturdy and durable design is ideal for children who aren’t always careful with their tech. There is no necessary stylus or pen, meaning children can easily use their hands to draw and write.

Users can transfer their notes using the iOS and Android compatible app, and can easily erase with a single button press. The reusable notebook also boasts a 5-year eco-friendly battery. Because of its durability and simplicity, this product is the perfect notebook for younger children.

Homestec Reusable Smart Notebook

Our next option on the list is great for those on a budget. With a price point of just $14, the Homestec Reusable Smart Notebook is an extremely versatile and cost-effective option. The notebook comes in a 6.7 by 4.2-inch size and offers a choice between dotted or lined pages.

Each page can be used and erased up to 500 times, and the ink dries within 15 seconds. This means that you can write quickly and freely without fear of overusing the notebook. Users can use either a pen tip eraser or blow dryer to clean off their pages.

Customers can also quickly download and transfer their notes to the cloud with the CamScanner app. Upon purchase, users will receive a usable pen and a set of sticky notes. With the low price and versatile features, this is one of the top options on the market.

Elfinbook 2.0 Smart Reusable Notebook

Next up on the list, the Elfinbook 2.0 is a nice throwback for those who grew up using a spiral notebook. The notebook features erasable double-side pages that users can wipe with a wet cloth. Users can also clear their pages using a microwave or hairdryer as the ink clears with heat. Coming in two sizes customers can choose the notebook that works best for them.

The notebook works in companion with the Elfinbook app so that users can safely transfer and store their drawings and notes. While not the cheapest option on the market, the Elfinbook 2.0 is still relatively affordable at its current price. For those who love the nostalgia of the spiral notebook, this is the perfect reusable notebook option.

Rocketbook Everlast Mini

The final entry on our list of top reusable notebooks is the Rocketbook Everlast Mini. Certainly, this is the perfect option for anyone looking for a compact and easy-to-carry reusable notebook. The mini has 48 reusable pages and can fit inside your pocket. Like the larger options from Rocketbook, the Everlast Mini comes in a variety of color options. Also, it requires a special FriXion pen to write, and users can easily erase using a damp cloth.

Customers can again utilize the Rocketbook app to save and transfer their notes at the press of a button. For those looking for a pocket-size travel companion, the Rocketbook Everlast Mini is an outstanding option.

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