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AI sports betting prediction sites are the latest businesses to capitalize on artificial intelligence (AI). Sports betting has always been all about the odds, but AI puts the power of computerized analytics into the hands of the gamblers.

While some people still prefer to use gut instinct and personal knowledge, data-driven sports predictions are revolutionizing the betting and sports industry. Sports prediction artificial intelligence algorithms make it easier for gamblers to place informed bets and winning wagers. As more sites get into the game, how do you choose among them?

Here, we review our picks for the best AI sports betting prediction sites online. While some are free, others require a subscription to access some or all of their predictions. Whether you’re an experienced gambler or just getting started betting with AI, this list should make it easier to place winning wagers.

List of the Best AI Betting Sites

We’ve scoured the internet for [cur_year_] to find the best AI sports betting prediction sites. Below are our top eight picks:

  1. BetIdeas – Number One AI Sports Betting Prediction Site for 2024
  2. AI Sports Betting – Best Sports Betting Bot on Telegram
  3. PredictBet.ai – Best Site for Planning Future Soccer Bets
  4. Leans.ai – Great Site for Predicting American Sports
  5. SportsPrediction.ai – Best Prediction Site for Soccer Bet Variety
  6. Rithmm – Best Customizable AI Sports Betting Predictor
  7. Betting Tips AI Predictions – Popular Android App for Soccer Predictions
  8. AI Betting Tips – Solid Soccer Prediction App for iOS and Android

Reviews of the Best AI Sports Betting Sites

When evaluating AI sports betting prediction sites, we look at factors like what leagues they cover, how many predictions they offer, and how much information they provide. Here, we go through our top picks in more detail.

1. BetIdeas – Number One AI Sports Betting Prediction Site for 2024

Extraordinary Ai sports betting predictions with BetIdeas

If you want to bet on soccer, look no further than BetIdeas. From the Premier League to Ligue 1, BetIdeas has daily soccer predictions for the biggest leagues in Europe. This laser focus allows BetIdeas to understand the factors involved in insightful soccer predictions, including training sessions, team performance, player dynamics, and recent trends.

BetIdeas presents predictions in a simple interface that includes the league and the sports teams playing, plus live match scores and game times. Each game listed has one or more predictions, like the winning team or the final score difference. You can also click on the game to see overall stats for each team, match analytics, and odds from different bookmakers. A “Bet of the Day” button on the homepage highlights the predictions BetIdeas feels most strongly about.

BetIdeas uses European odds by default, which expresses probability in decimals. However, you can toggle over to fractional odds (also known as British odds) if you’re more familiar with those. For example, decimal odds of 1.50 for the home team to win become 1/2 in fractional odds. Remember that decimal odds represent total payout (including your stake), whereas fractional odds represent total profit (not including your stake).

The best part? All predictions on this site are free. That means you can bet using AI predictions from BetIdeas without paying for a subscription. Furthermore, you can get insights into the why behind the numbers by clicking on the “Tips Explanation” section beneath each prediction. This helps you understand the prediction and make more informed decisions as you bet.

Why BetIdeas Ranks #1:

  • Free AI betting predictions
  • “Bet of the Day” predictions
  • Five top soccer leagues
  • Multiple bet types
  • No account required

2. AI Sports Betting – Best Sports Betting Bot on Telegram

AI Sports Betting - AI predictions on sporting events

AI Sports Betting is an AI-powered betting bot available through the popular messaging app Telegram. The bot offers tips on a wide range of sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, ice hockey, cricket, rugby, volleyball, and football predictions. However, it only seems to offer bets on winners and losers, not other stats like over/under or red cards issued.

AI Sports Betting achieves predictive accuracy across sports by using cutting-edge artificial intelligence such as neural networks and decision trees. Some of their posted results are pretty impressive. The site claims an outstanding 48% return on investment (ROI) in basketball, 14% in soccer, and 8% in tennis. All of these are above the average sports betting ROI of 3-7%.

When the bot creates a new betting prediction, you will receive a notification from the members-only Telegram group. But prepare to get pinged often, as the site offers up to 1,000 betting predictions a day. In addition to suggesting bets, the bot will tell you which of over 40 bookmakers offers the best opportunity. This allows you to compare the odds and make wagers as the real-time tips roll in.

You can also search for predictions by sport. For example, choosing “Football” will get you a list of soccer matches, from the Botola Pro Moroccan league to the Panamanian women’s national soccer team. AI Sports Betting expresses odds as a percentage. For example, their algorithm gave tennis player Daniil Medvedev a 61.51% chance of beating Grigor Dimitrov at Indian Wells in the Round of 16.

What’s the catch? You’ll have to pay for a subscription. The Starter plan costs $6.99 a month, while the Expert plan costs $34.99 for a lifetime subscription. Their website offers a sampling of free predictions, which you can use to see whether a paid plan makes sense for you.

Why AI Sports Betting Ranks #2:

  • Covers many popular sports
  • Claims outstanding ROIs
  • Seamless Telegram integration

How To Claim the Top Spot:

  • Add a free plan
  • Offer a wider variety of bet types

3. PredictBet.ai – Best Site for Planning Future Soccer Bets

Bet with Predictbet.ai

The second soccer-focused AI sports betting prediction site on our list, PredictBet.ai, offers free match forecasts across nearly two dozen European leagues. In addition to biggies like the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga, the site provides predictions for matches in Belgium’s Pro League, Croatia’s HNL, and Norway’s Eliteserien.

The user-friendly site color codes its win percentage predictions, with green representing a higher chance of success and yellow representing a lower chance of success. It also offers predictions on a variety of bet types, including over/under (total goals), first-half winners and team to score first. In addition, the site’s “Sure Wins” are popular for bettors looking for higher-percentage wagers.

PredictBet.ai harnesses the power of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms combined with over 14 years of accumulated soccer data. The advanced AI technology incorporates factors like head-to-head results, weather conditions, and expected lineups to make accurate predictions. It also monitors and adapts to in-game developments in real-time to keep predictions up to date. The service claims an impressive success rate of approximately 75%, but we didn’t find any data to back that up.

For bettors who like to plan, PredictBet.ai offers predictions for matches up to two weeks in advance. A bonus? PredictBet.ai features a blog with articles on football betting tips, the benefits of using AI soccer predictions, and even online gaming advice like how to play slots.

Why PredictBet.ai Ranks #3:

  • Over 20 leagues/cups
  • Multiple bet types
  • Free match predictions

How To Claim the Second Spot:

  • Expand soccer leagues beyond Europe
  • Add sports besides soccer

4. Leans.ai – Great Site for Predicting American Sports

Leans.ai is a great AI sports prediction site

If you want to bet on the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, or NCAA, Leans.ai is your site for intel. Behind all the predictions is an “AI sports genius” named Remi. Remi analyzes sports data 24/7, calculates a cover probability, and then weighs the likelihood that the prediction will come true.

Remi releases 1-10 sports picks daily, analyzing thousands of data points for each game. While this may seem somewhat limited, especially compared to prolific bots like AI Sports Betting, Remi focuses on predictions that lean strongly one way or the other. This means Leans.ai may not predict your favorite match, but it may help you find the top picks of the day.

Incorporating AI and machine learning, Remi uses past mistakes to learn over time. Leans.ai claims that Remi averages between 53-58% against the spread. Right on the homepage, Leans.ai shows Remi’s live scorecard, including its all-time record for the NBA, MLB, NFL, and other leagues. It also shows its net units after “vig” (the sportsbook’s cut) and net profit all time after vig.

Besides the limited number of daily picks — which could be a pro or a con, depending on your viewpoint — the only negative we found with Leans.ai is that it charges a fee for its picks. What’s more, we couldn’t find any information about subscription costs. However, the site provides solid information on Remi’s method, player performance, and history (tracking data since September 1, 2022).

Why Leans.ai Ranks #4:

  • Covers popular American sports
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Visible performance information

How To Reach the Top 3:

  • Publish subscription costs
  • Send out more picks per day

5. SportsPrediction.ai – Best Prediction Site for Soccer Bet Variety

Algorithmic betting with Sportsprediction.ai

Another soccer-only AI sports betting prediction site, SportsPrediction.ai, delivers predictions for five major European leagues. The data-driven tech startup launched in 2022 and plans to expand into other sports. For now, the service specializes in AI-engineered soccer predictions for the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Serie A.

SportsPrediction.ai predicts a range of soccer outcomes, including final results, total match goals, number of corner kicks, home player to score, and many more. Unlike other sites focusing on match outcomes (win-draw-win), this provides a more interesting range of bets and helps you maximize your winnings. Its real-time updates also make live betting more fun, as you can wager on halftime scores and away players to get red cards.

On the downside, SportsPrediction.ai’s predictions are only available to members. However, you may find a subscription worthwhile, as it costs only $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year. As a member, you will have a user-friendly dashboard that clearly presents the available bet types, percentage predictions, and odds comparisons from different bookmakers for each match. You’ll also get real-time updates and personalized recommendations.

As for its success rate, SportsPrediction.ai claims AI tools with an accuracy rate of up to 87%. They contrast this with an expert human predictive accuracy of 60-65%. However, we didn’t find any information about their methodology or how they reached this number. With a seven-day trial and low monthly membership cost, you may want to experiment with the site’s accuracy before placing any wagers.

Why SportsPrediction.ai Ranks #5:

  • Variety of bet types
  • Seven-day trial
  • Claims accuracy rate of 87%

How To Reach the Top 3:

  • Add sports besides soccer
  • Provide detailed player performance data

6. Rithmm – Best Customizable AI Sports Betting Predictor

Bet with Rithmm AI prediction

A Boston-based startup with MIT origins, Rithmm helps sports bettors elevate their game with personalized AI algorithms. It aims to simplify complex AI-backed analytics to allow bettors at all levels to make smarter wagers. Rithmm’s sports betting models analyze player statistics, team dynamics, and historical player performance results to generate data-based predictions.

Rithmm focuses on American leagues, including the NBA, WNBA, NFL, PGA, and NCAA. In addition to spread, moneyline, and over/under bets, the service offers player prop bets for the NBA and NFL. That means that besides betting on the score difference between sports teams, you can wager on receiving yards, rushing yards, rebounds, and points for individual players.

Where Rithmm stands out is in its level of customization. Rather than delivering only prepackaged predictions, Rithmm encourages active user participation. The app allows you to build analytical models, tailor predictions to your betting style, and receive personalized suggestions for the sports and teams you care about most.

For an additional level of customization, Rithmm offers three subscription tiers: free, Core, and Premium. Both paid plans have significantly higher price points than other sites on our list, with Core costing $29.99 per month and Premium costing a hefty $99.99 per month. This puts a Premium subscription out of range for most casual bettors, but it may be worthwhile for professional bettors staking sizable wagers.

Rithmm’s website is clear, user friendly, and packed with valuable information, from company details to video tours. One notable lack? We did not see data on their AI model’s historical performance or success rate.

Why Rithmm Ranks #6:

  • Variety of bet types
  • Tiers at various price points
  • Free plan and free trial for paid plans

How To Reach the Top 5:

  • Make paid plans more affordable
  • Provide performance results

Get the best betting tips ai predictions

Betting Tips AI Predictions is an Android app that delivers soccer betting predictions of all types. Whether you want to wager on Australia’s A-League Men or Austria’s Bundesliga, Betting Tips AI Predictions can help you predict the results. If the stats on Google Play are any indication, sports bettors love this app. Betting Tips AI Predictions has a 4.7/5 rating, over 128,000 reviews, and over 50,000 downloads.

Betting Tips AI Predictions promises to combine the data-driven analysis of a new AI algorithm with the unique abilities of the human mind. First, the computer algorithm analyzes historical data like head-to-head results, goals scored, team profile, and past playing formulas to calculate probabilities. Then, human experts refine the predictions, using their knowledge of weather conditions, player injuries and efforts towards injury prevention, personalized training, and team motivation.

Betting Tips AI Predictions offers soccer betting tips three days in advance. You can look for predictions on a variety of bet types, including 1×2 (win-draw-win), double chance, over/under, and both teams to score. While we didn’t see any information on the historical win rate, you can check three days of past match history to get an idea of the app’s latest predictive success.

Advanced app features include an auto-match generator, which helps produce high-probability betting tips using your defined criteria. You can customize the app to add your favorite leagues and filter matches by factors such as the start hour. By clicking on specific matches, you can also access more detailed data like league standings and head-to-head results.

Why Betting Tips AI Ranks #7:

  • 4.7-star rating on Google Play
  • Variety of bet types
  • Range of soccer leagues

How To Reach the Top 5:

  • Offer iOS app version
  • Add sports besides soccer

8. AI Betting Tips – Solid Soccer Prediction App for iOS and Android

AI Betting Tips for strategic wins

The final soccer-only AI sports predictor on our list, AI Betting Tips is an innovative app available for Android and iOS. The app features advanced AI algorithms to provide accurate predictions, plus customization options to give bettors personalized tips. Real-time updates on matches, odds, and trends help users looking to engage in live betting during soccer matches worldwide.

Founded in Silicon Valley by tech-savvy soccer fans, AI Betting Tips has gained a strong following. The app has 4.8 stars on the Apple App Store, and Android users have downloaded it over 10,000 times on Google Play. AI Betting Tips offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface to make betting easy and fun. The app also incorporates interactive features like live chat support and community forums.

AI Betting Tips employs a team of expert statisticians who use state-of-the-art statistical methods and tools to deliver winning football predictions. While the app claims to increase the chances of winning bets with AI-generated tips, we didn’t find any specific historical win data. You may want to experiment with the app’s free trial to check its accuracy rate for yourself.

Why AI Betting Tips Ranks #8:

  • Dedicated iOS and Android app
  • Live chat support
  • Pre-match and live betting odds

How To Reach the Top 5:

  • Add sports besides soccer
  • Publish historical win rate

What Are AI Sports Prediction Sites?

AI sports betting prediction sites use artificial intelligence in an effort to generate more accurate predictions than humans would on their own. To predict future outcomes, computers can analyze vast amounts of information — including historical data, patterns, correlations, and trends. They can also monitor live sports events, evaluate games in real-time, and adjust to give bettors up-to-date predictions.

Most AI sports betting prediction sites claim to generate accurate computer-powered predictions. Many also publish their past outcomes for you to gauge their accuracy. Some take this further and provide specific figures such as ROI, win percentage, and net profit. However, it’s not always easy to see how the sites reached these calculations or independently verify this information.

We recommend checking results from your chosen site(s) for a short time to determine accuracy before putting money down on any of the predicted outcomes.

How Do AI Predictions Work?

Computers can collect thousands and even millions of data points to determine the probability of an event. AI sports betting prediction sites look at information that includes recent team trends, individual player stats, and past head-to-head results to calculate outcomes. Many also include real-time information like current match conditions, player injuries, and player penalties to update their predictions.

To analyze this information, AI uses mathematical models to process data in a way inspired by the human brain. This allows programs to recognize patterns and make intelligent decisions. After AI judges the chances of a particular outcome occurring, it compares it to the odds bookmakers offer. Then, it decides whether or not to make a bet and passes that information on to you.

Advantages of AI Sports Betting

AI is revolutionizing the sports betting industry because it holds several advantages over humans, including the following.

Complex Analysis Done Fast

The main advantage of computers is that they can store more information and process it more quickly than humans. That means AI can deliver accurate suggestions based on vast amounts of sports business data and complex mathematical models in a fraction of the time.

Risk Management Made Easy

Artificial intelligence helps bettors make more informed decisions based on data free of emotion. This, in turn, can help optimize betting game strategies, maximize profit, and minimize losses. Because AI can often detect hidden patterns and subtle trends, it may protect bettors from uncertainties.

Objective Approach

For better and for worse, humans are emotional. We make bets based on favoritism, sentimentality, and logical fallacies, such as believing a team on a losing streak is “due” for a win. Although AI learns from humans (and from experience), it removes emotion and personality from the equation and bases its analysis entirely on probability.

Updates in Real Time

Unlike humans, computers never sleep. AI systems constantly evaluate new data, adjust their calculations, and provide updates in real-time.

Disadvantages of AI Sports Betting

Despite some genuine benefits, AI sports betting prediction has a few drawbacks.

Limited Understanding of How Models Generate Predictions

Most AI sports betting prediction sites promise to improve the accuracy of your bets. However, few delve into the data and methods behind those predictions, making it difficult to understand how they work.

Track Record of Models Is Difficult To Prove

Similarly, many AI sports betting prediction sites make specific claims about their success rate. However, be cautious of sites that claim a high winning percentage without any data to back it up.

Successful Accounts Get Banned

Top AI sports betting predictions offer impressive accuracy, leading to a significantly higher number of wins compared to losses.

However, it’s common for even the most reputable offshore sportsbooks to ‘limit’ accounts that frequently win. This involves reducing your maximum betting stakes significantly or, in some instances, closing your account altogether.

A practical strategy to counter this is to distribute your AI betting predictions among several sportsbooks. Exploring Bitcoin sports betting sites could also be beneficial, as they are recognized for providing a fair gambling environment.

Sports You Can Use AI To Bet On

By far, most of the AI sports betting prediction sites we found focus on soccer. While some cover leagues in Australia or Latin America, the most well-developed sites only offer predictions for European leagues. Over half of the AI predictors on our list predict only soccer matches: BetIdeas, PredictBet.ai, SportsPrediction.ai, Betting Tips AI Predictions, and AI Betting Tips.

If you want to check predictions for other sports, your choices are more limited. However, Rithmm and Leans.ai are great options for players looking to bet on American leagues like the NBA, NFL, or NCAA. AI Sports Betting covers the broadest range of sports, predicting major European and American league games, plus a few others like tennis, rugby, and volleyball.

Types of Bets Available

AI sports prediction sites typically focus on a narrower range of bet types than an online sportsbook offers. You’ll most commonly find the following types of bets on AI prediction sites:

Match Outcome

Perhaps the most common (and easiest to understand) prediction is match outcome. With this bet type, you choose one team (or player) to win a game. Sportsbooks often call this win-match-draw in soccer because you can also wager for the match to end in a tie.

Both Teams To Score

With a BTTS bet, you simply wager whether both teams will score at least one goal. This bet exists primarily for soccer matches because soccer is such a low-scoring sport.

Team Goal Totals (Over/Under)

Called “team goal totals” in soccer, this bet is more commonly known in the US as “over/under” or, simply, “totals.” Here, you bet on whether the two teams will combine to score more or fewer goals (or points or runs) than the predicted total.

Which Player Will Score

These bets ask you to predict which player will score either team’s first or last goal (or point or run). An “anytime goalscorer” bet predicts the chances of a specific player scoring at any point in the match.

Yellow/Red Cards Issued

Betting on the number of yellow or red cards issued in a soccer match is a kind of proposition bet. Prop bets revolve around in-game events that may or may not affect the final outcome. You may also see bets related to home players or away players to receive a card.


Another soccer-only bet is the number of corner kicks in a match. This is a type of over/under prop bet that asks you to bet on whether the number of corners will be higher or lower than the predicted total.

Responsible Gambling

Even if you use AI sports betting prediction sites to inform your wagers, no bet is a sure thing. Playing responsibly helps you stay within your financial limits and keeps gambling safe and enjoyable. The following tips can help you play responsibly:

  • Set limits (for both money and time) and stick to them.
  • Don’t chase your losses, trying to win back the money you lost.
  • Don’t gamble with money set aside for household expenses like rent or groceries.
  • Don’t view gambling as a way to pay bills.
  • Take breaks and balance gambling with other recreational activities.
  • Avoid gambling when you are upset or under the influence of any substance.

The Best AI Sports Betting Prediction Site

The best AI sports prediction site

Thanks to the developing power of artificial intelligence, you have an increasing number of AI sports betting prediction sites to choose from. After reviewing several of the available services, our top pick for 2024 is BetIdeas.

With a simple, clean website and free predictions for the most popular soccer leagues in Europe, BetIdeas makes it easy to find actionable insights. We also like the fact that by clicking on the featured prediction, you can access team stats, league standings, and odds from a dozen bookmakers.

Finally, we like the ”Bet of the Day” button on the BetIdeas homepage, which gives you instant access to the most robust AI-generated prediction of the day.


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