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This page lists the best online gambling sites in Indonesia, emphasizing their merits and weaknesses. After revealing which bookmakers and casinos accept deposits in rupiah and which sports and eSports may be wagered on, we explain our ranking process. Then, we delve deeper and explore the various sorts of betting odds, casino games, what Indonesian players may anticipate from online betting in general, and the present trajectory of the sector. We conclude with tips that can maximize your online sports betting experience.

Best Gambling Sites in Indonesia

Here below are the Top 10 Best Online Gambling Sites in Indonesia

  1. Bk8 – The number one gambling brand in Indonesia
  2. Cmd368 – Wide Range of Gambling Markets.
  3. 1xbet – The best brand for using cryptocurrencies
  4. 22Bet – Lots of convenient payment methods available
  5. K9win – Great Online Gambling Casino for Games Selection.
  6. Dafabet – a great alternative sports book
  7. Bet365 – Massive online gambling site that is highly secured
  8. Betway – Top Gambling Site for Strong Security Features
  9. Melbet – promotions exclusive to Indonesian players
  10. Betinasia – a good mix of frequent promotions

Top Online Gambling Websites in Indonesia

Below you will find the top online gambling sites in Indonesia based on our thorough extensive research.

1. Bk8: The Number One Gambling Brand In Indonesia

BK8 - The Number One Online Gambling Brand In Indonesia

BK8 is ranked first on our list since it caters to a variety of Asian jurisdictions, including Indonesia. In addition, there are sections dedicated to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, as well as broader Asian and international sections. The Indonesia area of the website is outstanding, including every possible choice for online gamblers in Indonesia.

Sports betting is an important alternative with different marketplaces and multiple benefits. Microgaming and Pragmatic Play, two of the industry’s leading software developers, offer a vast array of casino games. The live casino is where BK8 truly shines, with nearly a dozen providers available, including Playtech and Evolution. BK8 is a true all-arounder with which you just cannot go wrong.


2. 1xbet: The Best Brand For Using Cryptocurrencies

1xbet - The Best Online Gambling Brand For Using Cryptocurrencies in Indonesia

1xbet holds number two in our top ten list of the best online gambling sites for real money in Indonesia. This website is the ideal combination of casino and sports betting. Regardless of the facet of the gambling world that appeals to you the most, there is more than enough to keep you interested and occupied, whether you enjoy slamming slots, watching sleazy dealers at a live casino, or betting on your favorite athletes.

1xBet has existed for quite some time, having been founded in 2007. Like sibling site 22bet, this betting powerhouse can trace its roots to Eastern Europe but has since spread throughout every legal (and some illegal) online gambling state on the face of the globe and currently boasts more than 400,000 customers. When you examine everything 1xBet has to offer, you are certain to increase that number.


3. 22Bet: Lots Of Convenient Payment Methods Available 

22bet - The Online Gambling Site with Lots Of Convenient Payment Methods Available

22bet is another global brand that allows players from nearly every jurisdiction on the planet. It occupies the third rank in our top ten list due to the wide variety of games it offers, from slot machines to sports betting markets.

22bet is a sister site to our runner-up, 1xbet, and both sites originated in Eastern Europe. Once 22bet saw success in its local setting, the site’s administrators decided to offer the site’s numerous casino and sports betting options to virtually every country in the world. You will not be disappointed if you visit this location, regardless of your gambling preferences. Check out all the available promos and bonus offers at 22bet.


4. k9win: A Great Option in Indonesia for Rebates.

k9win - Online Gambling Site with a Great Option for Rebates in Indonesia

K9win is a multi-gambling site that only accepts players from six countries; Indonesia is one of them. Other countries include Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Playtech and Pragmatic Play provide the software for the site’s casino games. The site offers a multitude of options and software from several reputable developers. The live casino is the primary focus, with seven available studios.


5. Bet365: Massive Online Gambling Site that is Highly Secured

Bet365 - One of The Best Online Gambling Sites in Indonesia

Bet365 is accessible in Indonesia, accepts wagers on virtually every sport imaginable, and always ranks near the top when we evaluate the odds on offer. Therefore, if you prefer to receive value for your money, you should check out this website. One of the favorite aspects of bet365-ID is its commitment to simplifying the betting process; the sportsbook is loaded with facts and tips on all major US and European leagues. Users can examine the recent form of any team before a match, the previous head-to-head meetings between the two teams, and the form of players in terms of goals and assists.

Once you’ve brushed up on the metrics, bet365 accepts wagers on all the standard game lines, the proposition bets are extensive, especially for soccer, basketball, and American football, and the BetBuilder tool allows you to make parlays on a particular event. You could wager on Manchester United to win, +5 total shots on goal, -6 combined corners, and Anthony to score at better odds.

When the game eventually begins, you may cash out your bets at any time or place more wagers utilizing bet365’s flawlessly designed live betting interface – the most advanced and cutting-edge live betting suite in the industry. The current welcome bonus at bet365 is a 15% deposit match. Once you’ve created an account, feel free to peruse the sportsbook’s promotions section for access to many other deals.


How the Best Indonesian Gambling Sites Compare

Here’s a rundown of the best sportsbooks in Indonesia:

Site Casino Live  Casino Slots Sportsbook Poker Bingo Lotto App
Bk8 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
cmd368 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1xbet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
22Bet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
k9win Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dafabet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Bet365 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Betway Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Melbet Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Betinasia Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes

How To Choose The Best Gambling Sites In Indonesia

You may be curious as to how we determined the finest gaming sites in Indonesia. Why do some stand out while others can be safely disregarded? Why are some so wonderful while others are simply not worth your time? You may also consider striking out on your own and choosing which international online gambling site in Indonesia you prefer to play at. If this is the case, you may be asking how to make the best choice on which organization to join. Here are the primary characteristics we use to evaluate the online gambling sites in Indonesia for real money that we believe merit a visit.

  • Safety: Safety is of the utmost importance while gaming online in Indonesia. Because you are using an overseas site, you will have no legal recourse if they do something improper, such as refusing to make a large payout. Because of this, we only recommend gaming sites that we know to be reputable. All of the sites we recommend, including BK8, have legal licensing.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Everyone enjoys a freebie, and customers of online gambling sites in Indonesia are no exception. Nearly all gambling sites provide some form of a welcome bonus, and we evaluate each one to ensure that it is legitimate and worthwhile to accept. Then, we only propose online gambling companies with good promos and bonuses, such as 1xBet.
  • Variety: We believe it is essential that the top websites offer a great lot of variety. If a website is dedicated solely to slot machines, it must contain a large number of slots! If a casino website, then slots in addition to table games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and live casino tables. If a sports betting website, then as many sports as feasible to wager on. Regarding real money online gambling in Indonesia, variety is the spice of life! 22bet has an abundance of options.
  • Payment Options: It can be difficult for internet gamblers in Indonesia to deposit funds on a website for online gaming. Because they are outside Indonesia’s jurisdiction, banks may not allow you to transmit money to such websites. eWallets and cryptocurrencies, to mention a few, are viable alternatives to banks for depositing funds into your account. We appreciate sites that accept numerous payment options, including PayPal, for online gambling. Bet365 is a website with multiple payment alternatives.
  • Support: You will need to know that if you require assistance, you will be able to receive it at any site offering real-money online gaming. When evaluating a website, we test the search function to determine how quickly it responds (if it responds at all) and whether the results are satisfactory; we recommend that you do the same.

Best Online Casino Sites in Indonesia 

A large number of gamers in Indonesia enjoy playing online slots (or pokies, as some people prefer to call them), as well as popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Suppose this describes you, and you also enjoy video poker, casino poker, and even scratchcards at online gambling sites in Indonesia. In that case, you will find a list of the best online casino gambling sites available to players in Indonesia below.

  • Bk8 – Welcome Bonus Up To Rp 18.000.000
  • 22Bet – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 2,000,000 IDR
  • 1xbet – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 1,500,000 IDR

Best Online Live Casino Sites In Indonesia

Online live gambling sites are top-rated in Indonesia. Like the majority of people in Asia, online casino gamblers favor live casino games with live dealers and croupiers over software-based online games that match the player against a machine. roulette, and poker, here are the finest online casinos in Indonesia with the best live casino alternatives; continue reading.

  • Bet365 – Up To $100 In Bet Credits
  • Bk8 – Welcome Bonus Up To Rp 18.000.000
  • 22Bet – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 2,000,000 IDR

Click lots Online Gambling in Indonesia

Online slot gambling is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia. Slot machines and poker Hines have never been prevalent in the country, as gambling is illegal. This has resulted in people in Indonesia discovering the best online slots via the internet, and there are now a large number of people throughout the country who enjoy the best online slots developed by the leading slotting software developers such as Microgaming, Playtech, and Betsoft. Consult the list below for the best online casino slots gambling sites that Indonesia has to offer.

  • Bk8 – Welcome Bonus Up To Rp 18.000.000
  • 22Bet – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 2,000,000 IDR
  • 1xbet – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 1,500,000 IDR

Best Online Sports Betting Sites in Indonesia

People in Indonesia are sports enthusiasts. Football has become the most popular sport in Indonesia, even though the sport was almost unknown before the country’s independence in 1949. Volleyball, basketball, badminton, and Pencak silat are additional well-liked sports in the country. Cycling, boxing, sepak takraw (a ball game unlike football), surfing, and eSports are also popular. Since the 2010s, all forms of real-money online sports betting have risen in popularity in Indonesia, including online football betting. Below are the top online sports betting sites available to individuals in Indonesia.

  • Bk8 – Welcome Bonus Up To Rp 18.000.000
  • Betway – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To $30 (Approx 430,000 IDR)
  • Bet365 – Up To $100 In Bet Credits

Best Online Poker Sites in Indonesia

Poker is yet another form of online gambling with real money that has a shady past in Indonesia. Gaming is severely prohibited by the Muslim gambling code, and even though winning at poker requires skill, many people consider it as a form of gambling. That has not prevented some excellent poker players from Indonesia, notably John Juanda, who has won more than $15 million playing poker. If you’d like to attempt to follow in Juanda’s footsteps, you’ll find a list of the finest poker sites for Indonesian players below.

  • Bk8 – Welcome Bonus Up To Rp 18.000.000
  • 22Bet – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 2,000,000 IDR
  • 1xbet – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 1,500,000 IDR

Guide to Mobile Gambling Apps

In a country with a population of over 270 million, the current number of smartphone users in Indonesia is truly astounding. The majority of the country has adequate Internet access, making mobile sports betting extremely convenient. As most people in Indonesia do not own a laptop or desktop computer, sports betting and mobile gaming via an app are the way to go, and all real-money online gambling sites in Indonesia have at least mobile-optimized versions of their sites. Some gambling sites also provide apps that can be downloaded to mobile devices, so real-money online gaming chances are always just a click away. Below are five outstanding mobile gambling sites where you may maximize your online experience.

  • Bk8 – Welcome Bonus Up To Rp 18.000.000
  • 22Bet – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 2,000,000 IDR
  • 1xbet – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 1,500,000 IDR
  • Bet365 – Up To $100 In Bet Credits
  • Betway – 100% Deposit Bonus Up To $30 (Approx 430,000 IDR)

Payment Methods at Online Gambling Sites in Indonesia

As previously noted, transferring funds to your overseas gambling accounts from Indonesia can be challenging. Similar to many other Asian nations, the people of Indonesia prefer to pay in cash, hence online banking and payment systems are not very common.

Some banks will permit internet-based payments, but international transfers, and especially payments to offshore-based online casinos and sports betting sites, can be troublesome. Similarly, direct payments by Visa and MasterCard may be tricky, but you may be successful if you attempt them.

Attempts to make online transactions – both deposits and withdrawals – may be more successful when using PayPal for online gaming. PayPal is the leading eWallet in the world, so you may fund your PayPal account from your bank and then use it to make deposits and withdrawals on the real money gaming site. Skrill and Neteller are two more international e-wallets. Local eWallets in Indonesia include BOKU, iPayMu, and KasPay, but these alternatives may not be available at gaming sites.

The last option is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other non-fiat currencies are accepted at legal online gaming sites in Indonesia, and you can easily open your own cryptocurrency wallet and deposit rupiah into it to convert into Bitcoins if you so want. The Bitcoins can then be transferred into your gaming site account, and the process can be reversed when you choose to withdraw. Below is a list of our top 10 online casinos and the most popular deposit methods they offer.

Site Bank Transfer Cryptocurrency Cards  eWallets
Bk8 Yes Yes Yes Yes
cmd368 Yes Yes Yes Yes
1xbet Yes Yes Yes Yes
22Bet Yes Yes Yes Yes
k9win Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dafabet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bet365 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Betway Yes Yes Yes Yes
Melbet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Betinasia Yes Yes Yes Yes

For the vast majority of Indonesians, all types of gambling are banned. All types of gambling are outlawed by Islamic law in Indonesia, which is a primarily Muslim nation. Twenty percent of Indonesia’s population is Christian, and although online gambling is not banned, it is frowned upon. The legal status of gambling in Indonesia is unambiguous: it is prohibited. Whether or not it is socially unacceptable is irrelevant.

If you are located in Indonesia and utilize online gaming sites, you do so at your own risk. Since there are no sites in Indonesia, you will utilize international sites. As these sites are located outside of Indonesia, they are not subject to its authority. This means that the responsibility for gambling falls on the gambler, not the gaming site. It may be prudent for you to utilize a VPN to make it more difficult to track your online activities.


Despite the fact that all types of gambling are prohibited in Indonesia, a number of non-Muslims (and a much lesser number of Muslims) nevertheless enjoy using online real money gambling sites for casino play, slots online gambling, and sports betting.

As you will be accessing foreign websites, it is imperative that you maintain your safety. The safety of each website on this page has been evaluated. If you’re planning to use online gambling sites in Indonesia, these are the greatest options. Good luck with your online gambling endeavors, and be sure to take all precautions to ensure your safety at reputable online gaming sites.

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