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Finding an excellent online casino that offers amazing bonuses and has all the slots and games you want to play, then finding out it’s restricted in your area sucks. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to bypass geo-restrictions — by using a powerful virtual private network (VPN).

In this article, we’ll show you how to play on Lucky Block by setting up a VPN and connect to a server in a country where the crypto casino is allowed, so you can spin those slots without worry and potentially win big.

How to Access Lucky Block with a VPN

Due to country-specific laws and regulations regarding online gambling, online casinos often prevent users from accessing the website from certain geographic locations. However, since they determine your physical location based on your IP address, all you need to do is change your IP to a country where online gambling is legal using a reliable VPN.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for accessing Lucky Block casino with ExpressVPN, one of the most powerful VPN solutions on the market, so you can start playing today:


Step 1: Sign Up for ExpressVPN

Navigate to ExpressVPN’s website and click the “Get ExpressVPN” button.

Select one of three pricing plans and enter your email address and payment information.

ExpressVPN Pricing

Complete your purchase and wait for the confirmation email.

Step 2: Download and Install ExpressVPN

Open the ExpressVPN dashboard in your browser and input your credentials.

Enter the verification code sent to you via email to proceed.

From the dashboard, click “Download” and choose the operating system you want to install ExpressVPN on.

ExpressVPN Download

Don’t close this browser tab. You will need to enter your activation code later to connect up to five devices to ExpressVPN.

Once the download is complete, double-click on the ExpressVPN setup.

ExpressVPN Setup

Choose the destination folder and click “Install” to proceed. After the installation is complete, click “Sign In” and copy your unique activation code to log in.

Step 3: Connect to a VPN Server

Once you’re logged in, click the power button as shown in the image below.

Turn on ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN will automatically connect you to a recommended server. If you want to connect to a specific country or server, simply click on the location below and choose the one you like.

The VPN shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to connect. The color of the background will change to green, letting you know that you’re free to browse the web and connect to the casino using the selected server location.

ExpressVPN Connected

Step 4: Go to Lucky Block Casino

Now, all that’s left to do is visit the Lucky Block casino and start playing. If you don’t have an account, click on “Sign Up” in the top left corner to create one and start playing your favorite games or betting on sports events.

Lucky Block Online Crypto Casino


The Best VPNs for Accessing Lucky Block Casino

There are dozens of VPNs out there, but not all of them are created equal. When it comes to accessing the Lucky Block casino from a restricted area, you’ll need a fast, reliable VPN that will hide your online activity from your internet service provider (ISP) and the government.

1. ExpressVPN

We’ve tested multiple VPN service providers, and ExpressVPN came out on top. It’s one of the fastest VPNs on the market that’s able to consistently access the Lucky Block casino without issue from dozens of different VPN servers.


There are over 500 lightning-fast servers to choose from, spread across 94 countries, so you’ll have plenty of options and won’t have to worry about your internet speed slowing down.

ExpressVPN relies on industry-standard encryption and powerful VPN protocols, and it completely hides your online activity, so you can play anonymously.

Additionally, you can use ExpressVPN from any device, be it your desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can connect up to five different devices to the VPN simultaneously, so you’ll always be able to access Lucky Block casino from anywhere in the world.


2. PrivadoVPN

If you’re looking for a free alternative, we highly recommend PrivadoVPN. With a free account, you can use PrivadoVPN to connect to 12 different servers and play on Lucky Block without revealing your real IP address or physical location. This makes PrivadoVPN the best free VPN for online gambling.

PrivadoVPN Best Free Gambling VPN

That said, PrivadoVPN’s free account does have one limitation you should be aware of. You can use the VPN for free for up to 10 Gb of data transfer each month. This should be more than enough for multiple gambling sessions, but if you find that 10 Gb isn’t enough to meet your needs, you can always upgrade to one of the paid plans.


What Is Lucky Block Casino

Lucky Block casino is one of the best crypto casinos out there, created by the Lucky Block (LBLOCK) crypto project with nearly a $1 billion market cap during its peak.

As a crypto casino, Lucky Block doesn’t have any KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements, meaning it will not ask you for proof of identity after account creation. In other words, this means you can add funds from your crypto wallet, bet and gamble on the site, and make withdrawals completely anonymously.

There are over 2,700 games to choose from in Lucky Block casino, ranging from modern, high-RTP slots and live table games to other popular games like Poker, Keno, Plinko, and HiLo. You can also bet on over 45 different sports in Lucky Block casino, including a variety of eSports events.

The best part about Lucky Block crypto casino is the fact that it offers excellent bonuses and promotions. These include everything from bonuses for regular plays to LBLOCK airdrops (up to $10,000) and a generous 15% cashback for new players.


What Cryptocurrencies Can I Use on the Lucky Block Casino?

Before you commit to purchasing a VPN service subscription and creating your account on the Lucky Block casino, it’s important to ensure the casino supports the cryptocurrencies you’re holding.

Here’s a reference table of crypto coins supported by the Lucky Block casino, along with the minimum deposit for each coin.

Network Currency Minimum Deposit Average Processing Time
Bitcoin BTC 0.0001 10 min — 1 hr
Bitcoin Cash BCH 0.001 15 sec — 5 min
Litecoin LTC 0.01 2 min — 8 min
Dogecoin DOGE 1 around 1 min
ERC20 ETH 0.01 15 sec — 5 min
ERC20 USDTE 0.01 around 5 min
TRC20 USDTT 1 around 5 min
Tron TRX 10 around 1 min
XRP XRP 0.001 around 1 min
Cardano ADA 1 5 sec — 10 min

What is a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that lets you change your IP address so domains you visit register the session as if you accessed the website from a different location. At the same time, VPNs hide your true IP and physical location, not just from the websites you’re visiting, but also from your ISP, the government, advertisers, and other third parties.

When you connect to a VPN, your online traffic is routed through a secure, fast VPN server, as well as encrypted using the latest encryption methods (typically AES-256). This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to track your online activity, hijack your connection, or steal your data.

In combination with a crypto casino, a VPN ensures that you can gamble online completely anonymously, from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is sign up for a powerful, reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, connect to a server in a country where online gambling is legal, and play your favorite games without restriction.

How to Avoid Restrictions When Gambling Online

As we mentioned, online casinos often restrict access to users from certain countries where online gambling is illegal or not well-regulated. Some countries are especially wary of crypto casinos, so you wouldn’t normally be able to access and legally play on Lucky Block from the USA, the UK, France, Australia, and a dozen other countries.

That said, you can bypass these geo-restrictions with a VPN. Given that you’re depositing currency from your crypto wallet and the fact that a VPN hides your real IP address, you can play at Lucky Block from anywhere in the world, provided you connect to a VPN server in the country where using the website and its services isn’t considered illegal.

You can withdraw your winnings directly to your crypto wallet in seconds, given the fact that Lucky Block doesn’t require you to submit your personal identification documents. Since there are no identity checks and the money is on the blockchain, nobody will be able to track your online activity, including your government.

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Conclusion – How to Access Lucky Block Casino

If you’re wondering how to access Lucky Block abroad and bypass geo-restrictions, the short answer is with a powerful, reliable, fast VPN.

Here are the two best VPN service providers you can use to access Lucky Block casino and enjoy an uninterrupted gambling and sports betting experience:

  • ExpressVPN — The Best Lucky Block Casino VPN Overall | Test It In Practice With a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • PrivadoVPN — Best Free VPN for Online Gambling | Create Your Free Account Today

If you’ve already created your VPN account and are ready to test your luck, visit Lucky Block gambling and sports betting website and take advantage of amazing bonuses and a 15% cashback for new players.

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