growth whales are keeping their eye on this crypto coin
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Whales are keeping their eye on THIS CRYPTO COIN

Whales are always keeping their eyes peeled for the next great cryptocurrency investment opportunity. They aren’t just after the big-name crypto coins on the market, but rather the ones that are likely to bring them the best returns on their investment.

These big crypto investors are only focused on one thing — positive investment returns. They don’t necessarily care whether the crypto they are investing in is a traditional coin, an alt-coin, a stablecoin or anything else. They just want to know that the money they invest is going to grow and some meme coins are providing exactly that!

They use a lot of different metrics to help them decide which crypto coin to focus on next, and where whales are dumping their money can sometimes be a good indicator of future positive performance based on the fact that they do so much research and built their living this way.

So, what crypto coin is attracting the attention of whales everywhere? It’s called Tamadoge (TAMA), a new crypto that’s completely changing the approach to the meme coin market. After a very successful presale, it’s now on the market at OKX.

Here are some reasons why whales are keeping an eye on Tamadoge.


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Tamadoge Is Designed to Be Deflationary

One of the biggest benefits to Tamadoge from an investment standpoint is that it was designed to be a deflationary token. In other words, there will be a limited number of TAMA tokens available, which helps protect investors against inflationary actions, which in crypto means the value of each individual token goes down.

Many other crypto coins work in the opposite way, and it has a negative effect on their price. For instance, Dogecoin initially made 100 billion tokens available. Then, it increased it to 132 billion. This caused the supply to exceed the demand, which in part has led to its decline in price.

TAMA, meanwhile, will see the number of tokens available actually decrease rather than increase over time. The threshold for the full supply is set at 2 billion tokens. The number of TAMA tokens will gradually decrease, with 5% of all tokens spent on the platform destroyed.

Whales love this, as the demand will increase as supply decreases, meaning the value of each individual token is likely to increase.

Tamadoge Is Free of Fees

Tamadoge’s developers wanted to make sure that they weren’t generating profits based around fees that were charged for buying, selling or trading the tokens. Instead, all of the profits will be generated within the ecosystem that TAMA has created.

Many other crypto ecosystems take the opposite approach. The developer will take a slice of profits from each user so that it can support future activity on their network. Every time a user either trades, sells or purchases their tokens, the developer claims a percentage of that transaction.

Tamadoge doesn’t do this at all. This is a big benefit to the users on the network, since it results in greater revenues after transactions are completed. Fees cut into individual user profits, which is something that whales are not very fond of. But, they don’t have to worry about this with Tamadoge.


Tamadoge Has Built-in Stability

Perhaps the biggest downfall of meme coins is that they are considered by many to be the most volatile of all crypto coins. There are many different reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that the long-term value of meme coins is based around whether users stay interested in what they are offering.

Many meme coins don’t have much value outside of their own internal ecosystem. Even the large crypto coins such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have experienced huge price swings in the past, but over the long term, they are expected to generate profit.

That’s not the case at all with most meme coins, which can experience huge upswings followed by big downswings in quick succession. And many meme coins never resurface after they lose a ton of value.

Tamadoge’s approach to the market is differentiating itself from other meme coins. It’s combining the traditional NFT market with that of Play-to-Earn (P2E). This makes it a utility token. Users within the ecosystem increase the value of their NFT the more they play and the more they accomplish. This builds value of their NFTs within the TAMA ecosystem, which is something other meme coins simply don’t do.

As a result, Tamadoge has built-in, long-term stability that most other meme coins simply do not have. Whales are always on the lookout for outliers in a particular market like TAMA and meme coins.


Tamadoge Has Performed Well Already

Tamadoge is no longer just a concept. It has achieved real-world success already, which is something that whales love to see. While it’s true that whales will invest in pure speculation with some crypto coins, they tend to make their biggest investments in coins that have proven they can perform well.

That’s exactly what has happened with TAMA thus far. The Beta sale was very successful. Then, off the back of that success, its presale was a resounding success as well. In fact, it ended months earlier than expected, as every TAMA token available in the presale pool was gobbled up in record time.

The performance of both the Beta sale and the presale goes to prove that the concept behind Tamadoge is playing out as expected in the real world — if not even better than expected. This is something that whales love to see.

Tamadoge Has Hit the OKX Market

Another huge positive for whales and why they are paying attention to Tamadoge is that it has emerged from the presale and started being offered on the OKX platform on September 27. While it’s still in its infancy on OKX, it’s a great sign that it’s available for many other people to jump in on.

OKX is a top-tier crypto platform, and whales love the fact that Tamadoge is being offered onit. Those who aren’t able to complete transactions for TAMA tokens through OKX will still be able to do so through its decentralized platform called OKX DEX.

In fact, those who are interested in getting in on the TAMA craze can potential get a big bonus through OKX. The platform is offering new users the ability to grab a prize of up to $10,000 just by signing up at their site.

You just need to sign up for a new account on OKX, and then after you register, claim your mystery box. That will give new users a chance to win up to $10,000. This is another incentive for people to buy TAMA that adds to the attractiveness of the crypto coin for whales.

Whales Love the Long-Term Potential of Tamadoge

One thing is for certain: Whales are not going to invest in a crypto coin that they think isn’t going to succeed or that they predict will result in just nominal gains. Whales are after the big gains from crypto coins of all kinds.

Tamadoge is the newest meme coin that whales are keeping their eye on, and it’s one that even non-whale investors should consider investing in as well.

Tamadoge just went live on the OKX platform after a very successful beta sale and presale, and it’s bound to explode in value — by as much as 100x.

If this is something that sounds like music to your ears, then you better act fast and get in on the ground level of Tamadoge before it’s too late.

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