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What are Green Gadgets, and How You Can Use Them

Shari Tingle
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As the world becomes more eco-friendly, more and more items are hitting the market boasting eco-friendliness. Everyone knows that driving less, using less plastic, and not littering are great ways to participate in being more eco-friendly. Still, it can be hard to know which items and products are helping the Earth.

Green gadgets are electronic devices designed to be more environmentally friendly by using fewer resources and less energy.

Simply put, green gadgets are more sustainable and more eco-friendly devices. Here are four ways you can start to use green gadgets in your life. 

For Your Office

When it comes to your office, it’s difficult to imagine making a space filled with technology like laptops, monitors, and other energy-sucking plastics available in more eco-friendly versions. However, plenty of excellent options on the market exist to help you use less paper, plastic, and energy. 

For those who prefer the pen-to-paper method of note-taking, try replacing the notebook paper with a digital notebook. Digital notebooks are an excellent way to get the best of both worlds because you get to write on paper without being wasteful. Once you write in the digital notebook, you can download the pages to a computer and clear the notebook. This allows you to use the same pages over and over again. 

When it comes to technology, some other useful items to invest in are our solar phone chargerseco-friendly speakers, and solar charging headsets. Solar-charged items use sunlight to generate electricity, making them better for the environment. 

Another way to be more eco-friendly once you have your new gadgets is to unplug them or turn them off when you’re not using them. Making sure you’re not wasting electricity whenever possible is a great next step.

For Your House

When it comes to your house, there are lots of great gadgets to make your home more energy efficient using green gadgets. Brands like Miele are a great way to go because they are at the forefront of carbon neutrality. Miele makes everything from small appliances like coffee machines to washers and dryers — most of which have the highest energy efficient rating. 

On average, Americans watch television for four hours each day. This can add up quickly, so making sure your tv is a green gadget is a great way to be more eco-friendly. There are many green televisions available for purchase in a variety of sizes and prices.

Energy-efficient fans are also a great way to make your footprint smaller. Another great perk of investing in these items is that they will also bring down your electric bill.

To Use Outdoors

Perhaps the most obvious purchase for creating an eco-friendly home is solar panels. Laws for solar panels vary across the country but are becoming more common and readily available. Solar panels are a clean source, meaning no greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when creating electricity.

Another major technological advancement is the solar-powered lawnmower. Lawnmowers are not great for the environment. Gas-powered lawn mowers emit eight times the nitrogen oxides than electric lawnmowers. Robot lawnmowers are fairly new and work like a Roomba vacuum cleaner. They are also incredibly quiet, meaning your lawn can be mowed at any hour. Also, you don’t spend hours outdoors taking care of your yard.

For the Holidays

Decorating for the holidays is a big American tradition. One way to make sure you’re being as eco-friendly as possible is to keep your decorations safe when they’re not being used, so you don’t have to buy new things every holiday season. Reuse gift bags and wrapping paper as much as possible or invest in some eco-friendly options. 

A newer tradition people are getting into is renting a Christmas tree. Instead of buying a real tree, using it for a few weeks, and then throwing it away, rent a tree. Many Christmas tree farms are now renting trees and then picking them up again after the holidays to replant. 

Solar-charged holiday lights are pretty new but are a great way to light up your home without running up the bill and using lots of additional electricity. When it comes to decorating the tree, switch to LED lights. They use around 90% less energy and last around 200,000 hours. They also use much less heat, meaning they are safer to have in your home.

How You Can Use Them

To sum up, there are lots of ways to start incorporating more eco-friendly green gadgets into your everyday life. From basic home appliances to futuristic lawnmowers, there are many ways to make sure you’re being more energy-efficient.


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