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The Best Time Management Apps for Business

Shari Tingle
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As more folks move to work remotely or hybrid, it can become difficult to keep track of tasks and projects. It’s not so easy to pop over to a coworker’s cubicle and ask about the status of a project, and it can be annoying to message a coworker about the status of a project over and over. Because teams are no longer working in close proximity to each other, there has to be a way to all be on the same page when it comes to time management for businesses. 

Queue time management applications. By signing your company up for a time management app, you can track everything from your desk. This makes it much easier to keep track of everyone and everything, from start to finish. Time management apps are a great way to make sure nothing is forgotten while staying on track to complete your tasks. 

Here are five of the best time management apps for businesses. 


Monday.com is relatively new to the time management and project management game, but it packs a punch. Many companies are moving their teams to the new platform as a way to track projects and get better at time management as a whole. Monday.com allows users to build their own task lists in a variety of layouts that fit users’ needs.

Once you add in your tasks, you can assign the time you think each task will take and the time the task actually takes. There is also a great stopwatch feature that will time your tasks for you. So, you can focus on your work without juggling too many things at once. Monday.com is user-friendly and has lots of wonderful features, whether you’re managing a team of two or two hundred. 


Notion is a popular app amongst college students and those new to the workforce because it is extremely user-friendly and can even be customized to your visual preference. This time and project management tool is a great way for businesses and individuals to manage their tasks and make sure they’re getting their deliverables done in a timely manner.

Notion is used by big companies, including Headspace, Curology, Loom, and MatchGroup. Using this app allows you to connect your teams, docs, and projects and build multiple workspaces for each team. Notion is visually stunning and works really well on a tablet for those who want a gentle transition from writing with pen and paper to digital task tracking.


Asana is a great way to manage your own tasks, those of a team, or even your entire company. Nobody wants to spend time emailing back and forth about the status of a task, tracking down info, and spending time finding a colleague to get a project update. Asana makes it easier to check in on your teammates. See what the status of each item is and update things in real-time.

A study of premium users showed that Asana made teams more efficient by 1.45 times, reduced status meetings and emails by 65%, and made it easier to get more work done. Time management apps like Asan help teams increase communication and accountability. Plus, they help reach their goals and deadlines in a more efficient way. Also, team members can even build out calendars or see their tasks and deadlines in a list form. This depends on the user’s preference. 


Trello is a great time management app. This app is a great visual tool that makes it easy to follow and manage all kinds of projects. Teams can track tasks, manage workflows, add files or checklists and even automate things as needed. Trello is visually pleasing because it puts all of the tasks in neat, clear columns that team members can comment on and tag each other in, allowing for direct conversation and messaging that will stick with the task, so the conversation doesn’t go missing somewhere in your inbox. This time management app is great for users who are looking for simplicity and user-friendliness.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a great time management tool for businesses. Recuse time helps teams use time wisely and efficiently to finish their task on time. For those easily distracted, Rescue Time is a great choice. Because it offers distraction-blocking tools to keep you on track and focused on the task at hand. This time management planner is user-friendly. It even sends out weekly reports to help you see where your time is going each week. The time-tracking feature is automatic, meaning no extra work for you or your team. 

The Best Time Management Apps for Businesses

There you have it. Five of the best time management applications on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a new way to track and manage your time as a business owner or you’re looking for a way to make yourself and your team more conscious of time spent on projects, the five apps above are a great place to start.