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Has TamaDoge Left DogeCoin and Shiba Inu In Its Dust?

The long-awaited meme coin Tamadoge (TAMA). It’s been a while since the lovers of meme coins have been curious about the launching of Tamadoge. Some even asked, “Has Tamadoge left DogeCoin and Shiba Inu in its dust?” A lot of questions and guesses are seeking answers.

Moreover, before answering the quagmire and inquiry on TAMA, it will be good to know what Tamadoge really is.

The debut of the Tamadoge meme currency was one of the most keenly awaited meme coin launches. This token is designed to blend the somewhat trendy aspect of “dog coins” with the possibility of elements present in the play-to-earn industry.

Much news has gone around about the TAMA launching. According to the coin’s website, “In order to deliver a game that players will be fighting to use, Tamadoge is coming out of the gate barking, becoming one of the most hyped meme currencies of all time and stretching the limits of the Play-to-Earn sector.” This has caused curiosity in the hearts of its fans.

What is TamaDoge?

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the gateway token of the Tamaverse, where your very own Tamadoge pet can be created, bred, and used in battle.

To top the leaderboard each month, Tamadoge players can train, breed, and contest against their Tamadoge NFTs. The primary benefit of TAMA over currencies like the DOGE in the dust is that the play-to-earn options will ultimately include augmented reality games so that your NFT may communicate with other players in the Tamaverse.

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Tamadoge As The Best Penny Cryptos Option

Looking at the general high in prices in the world’s economic system. Investors are pulling in to invest and reduce the chance of losing their money. It is a great choice to consider investing in cryptocurrency with high potential, and this is why you should be attracted to the option of Tamadoge.

Among other penny coins rising recently, like LuckyBlock & Battle Infinity (IBAT), Tamadoge has occupied a significant position and is currently one of the most popular and desired cryptocurrency assets investors will be able to explore. Its enticing environment offers all the intriguing choices using its native cryptocurrency. Tamadoge operates on the “play to earn” tenet, and it’s a great chance for the player to mint their creatures and engage in combat with them when they’re ready.

TamaDoge As An Investment Option

Tamadoge has left many other meme coins like DogeCoin in the dust as a preferred investment option. Meme coins are a new and rapidly expanding segment of the cryptocurrency market and, as such, provide stability that standard coins cannot.

TAMA, a new coin with high investment options, is preferred over other coins because it has limitless potential capable of matching up with regular coins as it keeps expanding. It is now the market leader in the meme crypto space. Since experts have referred to it as money for the future, it is unquestionably the meme coin to watch and invest in. 

Why You Should Invest In TAMA

The most significant coin-related news anyone wants to learn about their preferred investment currency is its listing on trading platforms. The group behind TAMA announced the excellent news on September 27, 2022, on OKX, and it is anticipated to list on LBANK soon. Because there will be a rising profit due to its pricing. This has been promising news for people considering it as an investment option. It is a call to action for anyone looking to invest right away to consider it their top choice.


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The Market’s Rising Trend of TamaDoge

Some investors who took it upon themselves to invest at the beta sale at $0.01 made a profit when the market price was about $0.035, recording a 250% profit since the announcement’s birth by the team behind it.

As interest in this brand-new coin grows, the unprecedented $19 million that Tamadoge’s presale phase brought in for the project will cause TAMA’s price to be noticed.

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The TamaDoge Withdrawal Process

The TAMA team has made the withdrawal process simple. Through the web-based OKX platform or the dedicated mobile app, which is available on Android and iOS smartphones, investors may now invest their money and trade Tamadoge.

Although some countries, including the US and a few others, are subject to governmental restrictions preventing them from accessing OKX, they can still participate in the OKX DEX. Trading on the OKX DEX ensures everyone can access this incredibly sought-after token, making TAMA a worldwide sensation.

How to Buy Tamadoge (TAMA)

For Binance, the process of examining and adding recently launched coins that can be used on the site is a continuous process. It’s also necessary to take precautions when buying Tamadoge, which is not yet available on Binance but will be soon. Listed below is a stepwise guide on how to get Tamadoge by using your Binance account to buy the base coin, ETH and connecting your wallet to a decentralized exchange (DEX):


  1. Get a Metamask wallet
  2. Configure Metamask
  3. Purchase Ethereum
  4. Send Ethereum to your cryptocurrency wallet from Binance
  5. Decide on a decentralized exchange (DEX)
  6. Set up Your Wallet
  7. Exchange your Ethereum for the desired cryptocurrency
  8. Find Tamadoge’s Smart Contract if TAMA doesn’t appear
  9. Finally, complete the Swap



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Without a doubt, Tamadoge has a much higher propensity to prosper than other coins like DOGE that have fallen by the wayside. The fact that Tamadoge is not affected by events involving other coins has attracted a lot of interest, and there is no better time than the present to purchase Tamadoge. Take the good step and Buy Tamadoge Now.