investments tamadoge set to rally with new mexc listing dont miss out

Tamadoge set to rally with new MEXC Listing – don’t miss out!

Tamadone’s listing on MEXC could pump its price even further. The best meme coin was already listed on OKX, with new listings to come very soon.

All this, together with the add-ons to the ecosystem, could cause the exponential growth of TAMA price in upcoming months and years.

Because of this, TAMA’s listing on MEXC is something you should not miss.

TAMA price history

The current TAMA price is  $0.09585 onCoinmarketcap. It is up by 30,39% compared to the previous 24 hours.

The presale event, where Tamadoge raised $19 million, pumped the price by around 700%. So, the price went from the beta presale price of $0,01 to the current $0,08 level.]

Additionally, over the weekend, TAMA pumped more than 190% in 24 hours.  

On the first day of the OKX listing, TAMA nearly reached a trading volume of $100 million. Users traded more than 230 million tokens on the exchange.

This made TAMA one of the most successful launches on this exchange.

The token currently ranks 14th on the list of most popular crypto on OKX. This is a terrific result, considering the token listed on the exchange one week ago.

Additionally, the token ranks first on the list of the most popular new projects on the exchange. 

Bitgegree’s analysis of Tamadoge’s price concluded that TAMA increased by 205.81% from September 28 to October 2. According to the same analysis, Tamadoge’s trading volume increased by 18,986.52%.

If this trend continues, Tamadoge expects another successful week in which its price can pump by around 33%.

And this price increase will be supported by the upcoming MEXC listing.


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What to expect from the new MEXC listing?

Tamadoge was listed on the MEXC exchange on October 5. At the same time,  Tamadoge will also list on LBANK.

MEXC is another well-respected exchange, so listing there will 100% impact TAMA’s price.

First, the listing at one of the biggest exchanges worldwide will give exposure to the token. This means more people will be able to buy the coin, increasing the demand and the price.

This will also bring more people to the Tamadoge community. From the beginning, Tamadoge was a community-oriented project. Tamadoge’s goal was to gather the P2E games and Tamadoge pet lovers in one place.

They want to create an ecosystem where Tamadoge pets will become part of the family. 

The dire demand for this token caused a bullish trend for the TAMA price. The price prediction for the upcoming years says the TAMA price will grow.

By the end of 2023, TAMA should trade at around $0,19. At the beginning of 2023, TAMA should reach the highest of $0,187. 

The fact that Tamadoge plans to list on all major exchanges by the end of Q1 2023 will impact this positive price movement.

By the end of 2024, Tamadoge should reach the highest of $0,043. If this happens, Tama will grow by more than 200%.

In 2025, TAMA could grow by almost 300% from its highest price in 2022. The future of TAMA, in this case, will be affected by TAMA’s widespread use.

In 2025, TAMA could go as high as $0,146.

From 2026 to 2030, the TAMA price could move from $0,291 to $0,595 in the most certain scenario. In the case of the worst scenario, TAMA could vary between $0,09 and $0,183.


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The most trending crypto

Not only TAMA has a favorable price movement, but it is also one of the most popular crypto projects currently.  

Tamadoge is trending on Coinmarketcap as one of the most visited crypto projects

According to CryptoInsights, TAMA is one of the most mentioned projects in the last 24 hours. According to the origin, the token was trending as one of the top gainers on the exchange.

On October 2, the token was the second on the list of coins with price trades above $19k.

TAMA is also trending at 3rd place on the OKX exchange after being in 1st place yesterday.

Additionally, GenX called TAMA one of the top crypto gems. The same source declared TAMA the rising star of DEX and among the hottest coins across popular chains. 

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What is next for Tamadoge?

The first Tamadoge that will occur is the launch of 100 rare NFTs. This launch should happen in less than three days.

According to the Tamadoge team, these NFTs are the best way to earn while playing Tamadoge.

NFTs will be the key to unlocking everything the Tamadoge ecosystem can offer.

The first collection of NFTs will be split into three categories – Rare, Ultra Rare, and Common.

Each NFT will have unique traits and abilities to help players climb the leaderboard and earn rewards.

Moreover, TAMA NFT token holders will get a puppy version of their NFT. These will be airdropped to Tama’s parents once the main game launches.

Additionally, the Tamadoge ecosystem will be enriched with new features in the upcoming months:

  • Play to Earn Arcade – Tamadoge plans to launch a collection of P2E arcade games. The games, each different in price and difficulty, should be available in Q3 2023.


  • Partnerships with other metaverse projects – Tamadoge will launch its metaverse and partner with other projects. The goal is to allow all users to walk and play with their pets in other metaverses. The Tamadoge’s developers team is currently busy working on the Tamaverse.


  • Augmented Reality App – This is one of the most-awaited Tamadoge launches. AR app will make the Tamadoge pets part of the owner’s family. The app will allow users to play with their pets as if they were in the same room.


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Final verdict

Tamadoge is, without any doubt, the best token to invest in 2022.

All add-ons to the ecosystem and innovative approach to metaverse and Play to Earn games currently make it one of the most-wanted coins.

Just one small piece of data shows how powerful this token really is. All presale token buyers are now up at least 100%.

So, if you want to get the coin and be among the gainers, head to MEXC on October 5, or buy TAMA now at OKX.