Ars checks out the MacBook

Ars Technica has already put up a review of Apple's newly-released $1,099 consumer laptop, the MacBook. The site looks at the intermediate $1,299 model, which features the same 13.3" wide-screen display as the $1,099 version but with a faster 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor. Interestingly, the MacBook design puts memory and hard drive bays within the same compartment as the battery, enabling easy servicing without the need for extra screws and holes at the bottom of the machine—Ars has some photos, but a video of the upgrade process can be seen here.

Despite the departure from the MacBook Pro's design, however, it looks like Apple's reported thermal problems could also apply to the new MacBook: Ars measured the machine's CPU temperature as a scorching 82°C at full load, and that's after it throttled itself down from 2.0 GHz to 1.67 GHz. Nonetheless, Ars says the machine is still quiet at load, so potentially high operating temperatures may not bother users. All in all, the site gives the MacBook a nice 9/10 score, only complaining about the glossy display, high temps, and slow Intel GMA 950 graphics.

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