Symantec sues Microsoft

In yet another lawsuit this week, Symantec has sued Microsoft for violation of intellectual property laws in its upcoming Windows Vista operating system. Microsoft licensed storage management software from now Symantec-owned Veritas Software in 1996, but Symantec claims Microsoft then breached the licensing contract. Allegedly, the software giant not only incorporated code from the storage software in Windows Vista, but also tricked the US Patent and Trademark Office into issuing it a patent for derived code. Then, Microsoft is claimed to have attempted to pressure Veritas to amend the contract in order to clear itself of repercussions.

As a result of these claimed misdeeds, Symantec is now seeking an injunction that would put the development and distribution of Windows Vista on hold until Microsoft removes the purportedly misappropriated code. In response, Microsoft says its actions are "wholly consistent with the legal agreements between Veritas and Microsoft," and it believes Symantec's allegations will be "shown to be without merit."

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