Graphics shipments soar, ATI sees largest growth

Jon Peddie Research has just hit us with its latest figures for graphics chip sales in the first quarter of 2006. According to the group's estimates, PC and notebook graphics shipments increased 24.5% and 31.2% respectively over the same time period last year, but dropped 7.5% and 0.2% from the fourth quarter of 2005. Yearly growth is mainly associated with the integrated graphics market, which saw 55.7% annual growth on the notebook front and 33.7% on the desktop.

This growth in integrated graphics helped ATI boost its overall market share from 26.5% in Q4 2005 to 28.7% in Q1 2006. Peddie nonetheless ranks Intel at number one with an estimated 39.1% market share in Q1 2006, 1.6% higher than last quarter. Meanwhile, NVIDIA is ranked third with 19% of the overall market after a meager 0.3% jump from Q4 '05 to Q1 '06. Growth from the top three took its toll on VIA, SiS, and Matrox, which saw respective market share drops of 3%, 1%, and 0.1%.

Despite ATI's largest overall market share growth, NVIDIA saw the biggest increases in the discrete desktop and mobile graphics segments. On the desktop, NVIDIA's share rose 1.5% to 53% from Q4 '05 to Q1 '06, while ATI's declined 1.2% to 45.1%. On the discrete mobile front, NVIDIA's share climbed nearly 5% from 20.3% to 25% while ATI's fell from 79.2% to 74.6%.

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