Intel's Nehalem to feature CSI?

The Inquirer says it has word from the Spring Processor Forum that Intel's Nehalem processors will feature the Common Systems Interconnect. More widely known as CSI, the interconnect is already expected to appear in next-generation Itaniums, but Nehalem could be CSI's entry ticket into desktops, workstations, and small/medium servers. According to The Inq, the enterprise variant of Nehalem will sport up to eight CSI links. The site says this might either allow each chip in an 8-way server to talk to other chips directly or simply to a large number of peripherals.

Based on previous roadmaps, it would appear Nehalem is scheduled for a launch some time in 2008. The chip will reportedly be based on a new, post-Core microarchitecture, as well as 45 nm process technology. According to another report by The Inquirer, Intel's 45 nm process has been pushed back one quarter from Q4 2007 to Q1 2008, but the 45 nm introduction is expected to occur with a Core-based derivative dubbed Penryn. Nehalem is expected to follow some months later, once the 45 nm process has matured.

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