— 11:44 PM on July 23, 2000

Both Carl Drake and Christopher Choo sent word of a news item at Vortex of Sound claiming Guillemot is interested in buying the still-warm corpse of sound chip maker Aureal. They've reprinted a legal document, which reads in part:

In the Sale Motion, the Debtor seeks authority, among other things, to sell, either to Guillemot Corporation (the "Buyer") for the sum of $8 million or to the prevailing bidder at an auction to be held for the Assets
As we reported last week, recent rumors about a sale of Aureal to NVIDIA turned out to be false. We'll see if this new rumor has anything more to it—certainly seems like it does. Guillemot picked up the pieces not long ago when Hercules crashed, and Aureal is, potentially, an even better acquisition. Folks seem ready for a viable competitor to Creative to emerge, especially now that Diamond has been, sadly, gutted by S3. With both Hercules and Aureal brand names in its quiver, Guillemot may be the company to do it.
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