Howdy all. I hope you enjoy our two articles today, but as you may have noticed, there's a third article missing: a proper review of the new Socket AM2 processors. We had every intention of delivering a Socket AM2 CPU article as well as a comparison of Socket AM2 chipsets today, and I worked 14-hour-plus days for the past week to do the processor testing. Sadly, when Geoff shipped me our FX-62 processor at the conclusion of his chipset testing, FedEx decided to hang on to it for a while. Overnight delivery, in this case, meant four days later. I didn't receive the FX-62 until yesterday morning, and it was simply too late to get testing completed for today. (Benching a single CPU speed grade takes roughly 24 hours of continuous testing, and I had multiple speed grades to test.) The absence of the FX-62 scuttled my plans for an apples-to-apples comparison between sockets 939 and AM2, and it just didn't make sense to push out an incomplete review.

Since the article will be a little late anyhow, I decided to add some of the lower speed grades to the comparison. I figured you might want to see how the affordable CPUs compare as well as the Unobtanium FX Extreme Editions. The test rigs are churning away now, and we should have a review, er, "when it's done."

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