Chartered-produced AMD chips due in July

Reuters reports that Chartered Semiconductor has already begun production of 300 mm silicon wafers for AMD, and that it plans to begin shipments in July. An "industry source familiar with the situation" is quoted as saying that "the initial loading for AMD is about 1,000 12-inch wafers per month, on 90-nanometre technology. Chartered started production in May, and shipment is scheduled for July." Back in November 2004, Chartered signed an agreement to become a second source for AMD's processors. Chartered's Fab 7 is expected to complement AMD's Fab 36 with an estimated 18,000 wafer starts per month by the end of the year, which should represent the equivalent of two thirds of Fab 36's output in the same time frame. In addition to 90 nm processors, Chartered is due to begin producing 65 nm chips for AMD "before the end of the year." Fab 7 will also produce 65 nm "Xenon" processors for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console in the first quarter of 2007. Thanks to X-bit labs for the tip.
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