OCZ announces EPP adoption in upcoming memory

Not far behind Corsair, which co-developed the Enhanced Performance Profile (EPP) specification with NVIDIA, OCZ has said it will adopt EPP in an upcoming line of "SLI-Ready" memory modules. EPP will enable the future OCZ sticks to change their timings, voltage, and other settings in order to accommodate overclocked systems more easily—at least in conjunction with NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI-based motherboards, the only boards on the market to support the spec at this point.

Aside from recording mutual praise between NVIDIA and OCZ for their respective and upcoming work with EPP, the OCZ press release doesn't mention much about the upcoming memory modules. All it says is that OCZ will "announce the EPP-based DDR2 memory part numbers in the coming weeks." Nonetheless, this move by OCZ could lead to wider adoption of EPP by other memory manufacturers, now that a second memory brand is onboard.

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