Samsung to sell PCs with solid-state storage

EE Times reports that Samsung plans to begin offering systems with solid state hard disks as early as next month. The solid-state disks (SSDs) will sport 32 GB of NAND flash memory, and EE Times says they will offer three and 1.5 times faster read and write speeds than competing mechanical hard drives. Samsung is expected to introduce the solid-state drives in derivatives of its existing Q1 and Q30 PCs.

The Q1 was the first Ultra-Mobile PC to ship in the US, and it currently includes a traditional 40 GB hard drive. Apparently, Samsung will introduce a version with a 32 GB SSD next month under the Q1-SSD moniker. The system will carry a whopping $2,430 price tag—double that of the regular Q1, which retails for $1,099.

Samsung is also expected to launch a variant of its 12.1" Q30 notebook with the new SSD. The Q30 isn't available in the US, but is said to be one and the same as Dell's Latitude X1, which currently sells for between $1,249 and $1,938. In contrast, the SSD-enabled Q30 will reportedly sell for a hefty $3,700. Faster read and write speeds, and the ability to handle "about twice the impact that would cripple a regular hard disk drive" may justify an SSD's high price tag for some, but it looks like average users will be forced to wait a little longer for more affordable alternatives.

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