Abit launches Fatal1ty AN9 32X

Abit's product lineup for Socket AM2 processors wouldn't be complete without a marked up Fatal1ty-branded motherboard, so it's no surprise that the company has launched the Fatal1ty AN9 32X. Based on NVIDIA's top of the line nForce 590 SLI chipset, the Fatal1ty AN9 32X is almost identical to the vanilla AN9 32X. The Fatal1ty board adds a red PCB and different heatsink colors, but does away with the AN9 32X's secondary Serial ATA controller, which would otherwise provide one extra internal Serial ATA port and one external eSATA port. Abit appears to have added a couple of small fans in the Fatal1ty's I/O shield area, though. That should help dissipate heat from the board's passive heatpipe-based chipset and MOSFET cooling system.
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