And I thought Dr. Evil was the Anti-Mac

Occasionally, an article on user interface design catches my attention, and I'm almost always enthralled. Folks who really study this stuff sometimes have some incredible insights into where we ought to go next, but it always seems like we only make little refinements to the good ol' windows/icon/mouse/pointer (WIMP) setup. This paper, provocatively called "Toward the Anti-Mac" recounts some intriguing suggestions for moving beyond WIMP to something actually new and different. Some of its ideas are dead-on, like the call for a richer, more expressive interface, while others are a bit utopianish, like the part about "shared control" of the user's environment. (PCs are all about being personal, for me, thanks.)

The trouble with this article, like so many others of this type, is that I have little sense of how most of its ideas would translate into a real user interface. It seems to me that's where the hard work is done. Hmph.

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