ATI toying with GPU-based sound acceleration

X-bit labs says ATI showed off graphics processor-based audio computation technology at an event in London yesterday. They say the technology is part of ATI's developer toolkit and allows simple equalizer effects to be handled by the GPU. The site claims companies like ATI and NVIDIA have been experimenting with non-graphics calculations on their GPUs for a number of years, but recent events make this news a little more interesting. Not only has Havok already come up with an API to accelerate physics on graphics cards, which will be used in number of upcoming games, but the newly VESA-approved DisplayPort standard could make it possible for graphics cards to transmit processed audio directly to the outside world. DisplayPort is scheduled for an introduction in PC monitors and graphics cards in early 2007. The site believes computing graphics, physics, and audio on the GPU could offer advantages in "certain game cases" where the three are "tightly combined."
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