LG plans cheaper, faster Blu-ray recorder

CDRinfo has word about an upcoming Blu-ray recorder from LG that will enable 4X write speeds for recordable BD-R media. The LG GBW-H10N drive will be limited to 2X write speeds for rewritable BD-RE media, CDRinfo says, and it won't allow burning of dual-layer 50 GB Blu-ray discs. Still, the drive should be able to burn BD-R media twice as fast as Pioneer's recently introduced BDR-101A burner. That should work out to about 23 minutes for a full Blu-ray disc, if I have my math right.

CDRinfo quotes a €799 launch price for the LG drive. Taking into account price differences between Europe and America, such a price would translate to $799 in the US—$200 below the Pioneer drive, which currently retails rather close to the $1,000 mark. The LG GBW-H10N will ship in mid-June, right about the time the first Blu-ray set-top players and movies are scheduled to appear.

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