After AMD, Dell jumps in bed with Google

Just one week after announcing its plans to begin offering AMD-based servers, Dell has now signed an agreement with Google. Under the agreement, Dell will pre-install Google software as well as a "co-branded home page" on its machines. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the following about the deal at a conference on Thursday:
It's a big, big deal for both companies. What we've done is with Dell is we have a multi-year deal. They're going to take the Google Toolbar, and the Google Desktop—Google Desktop 4—and a number of our other search and information applications, and put them into every Dell consumer, small, medium, and large enterprise product that they can. It's tens of millions of computers a year. . . . It's a worldwide deal, it's a really, really big deal for both companies.
Schmidt added that there was "probably more to come," and that this may be the first of a number of agreements. Nonetheless, Dell says consumers won't be restricted to Google products and that they will "have the option of choosing Microsoft as their default if they prefer." Dell is expected to ship its first machines preloaded with Google software within the next week. Reuters says the two companies will share revenue from the Google-powered machines, but details behind the agreement are being kept under wraps for now.
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