Friday night topic: Hardware sites and language

Fiona Gatt over at VIA Arena has written an intriguing article about how hardware review sites have changed over the years and how these changes have altered their use of language. She observes that hardware sites have become more professional as they've moved from part-time hobbyist enterprises to full-time publications. Consequently, she argues, these sites are using more formal language in order to appeal to a broader audience. She cites specific examples from the same site, HardOCP, separated by six years:
The quote from 2006 is far more formal than the earlier quote. It also explains the relative position of the product being reviewed and it doesn’t assume that the reader has a great deal of prior knowledge.
I'm not one to invite folks to put me under a microscope (any more than I already am), but she does raise an interesting question. Do you think she's generally correct that hardware review sites have shifted to a more formal style over time? (I might beg to differ, but what do I know?) Are they aiming for broader audiences than in the past? And is that a good thing?


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