ATI to address physics at Computex?

HKEPC says it has heard from ATI's Asia-Pacific Marketing Director that the graphics firm is planning to introduce its riposte to SLI Physics (in Chinese, translate here) at the Computex show in Taipei next week. NVIDIA boastfully announced its support for Havok's Havok FX GPU-based physics acceleration technology in March, but ATI has so far been rather quiet about the subject. NVIDIA said Havok FX could be accelerated via an SLI dual-GPU setup by assigning one graphics card to graphics and one to physics computations, leaving some to wonder whether a similar feat could be accomplished with ATI hardware.

Now, HKEPC says ATI is ready to announce a multi-GPU physics implementation that will also allow graphics cards to be paired to accelerate physics, but without requiring them to have the same GPU. Indeed, SLI requires two cards with the same graphics core, whereas HKEPC says users will be able to mix and match completely different ATI cards (e.g. Radeon X1900- and X1600-series models) to accelerate physics.

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