GeForce 7950 GX2 makes early appearances

NVIDIA's GeForce 7950 GX2 "Quad SLI" graphics card—which, as it turns out, may ship with Quad SLI support disabled—has made a few appearances prior to its expected launch next week. DailyTech has spotted the 7950 GX2 at both ECS and Gigabyte's websites. The former confirms the dual-PCB card's rumored 1 GB of memory and 256-bit memory bus, while the latter mostly echoes the existence of a GeForce 7-series product with "7950" in its model name. NGOHQ has also sighted a Leadtek-branded 7950 GX2 on an Israeli retailer's website. There, the card is priced at 4499 shekels, or just a couple of dollars shy of $1,000. Previous reports have indicated that the 7950 GX2 may sell for as much as $800-900 or as little as $649 once it hits U.S. shelves; this early listing may hint towards a final price tag at the higher end of that range.
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