PC World ranks worst tech products

PC World has taken it upon itself to rank the worst 25 tech products of all time in an amusing article that should ring quite true to some. Tossing all tact and corporate apologies aside, the site ranks AOL and RealPlayer first and second, respectively. Sony BMG's music CDs are fifth thanks to a DRM scheme that installed a stubborn rootkit on host systems, making them an easy prey for malware. That entry is preceded by Windows Millennium Edition, which PC World claims was "the real millennium bug." The site then delves into more obscure products, including the Iomega Zip drive and Apple's Macintosh Portable, but not before awarding eighth place to Internet Explorer 6, calling it "full of features, easy to use, and a virtual engraved invitation to hackers and other digital delinquents, Internet Explorer 6.x might be the least secure software on the planet."
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