Could we see ThinkPads with Turions soon?

AMD plans to increase its presence in Lenovo's PCs, according to a report by China's Shanghai Daily. The site says AMD is in talks with Lenovo about putting AMD chips in the company's IBM-branded machines, which include the ThinkPad notebook and ThinkCentre desktop lines. Those systems have traditionally sported only Intel processors, but Lenovo has shown it is open to business from AMD since its acquisition of IBM's PC business last year. In February, Lenovo introduced the 3000-series budget desktops under its own brand name. The machines sport a choice of AMD Athlon 64, AMD Sempron, and Intel Pentium 4 processors.

One could certainly see AMD chips being pushed in Lenovo's IBM-branded ThinkCentre desktops, but a Chinese analyst quoted by the Shanghai Daily says Lenovo won't change chips in its notebooks immediately. Unlike the 3000-series desktops, Lenovo's 3000-series notebooks are Intel-only—just like the ThinkPad line. Thanks to The Inquirer for the tip.

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