SLI-Ready DDR2-900 memory coming from OCZ

Hot on the tail of Corsair, which was the first to announce SLI-Ready memory with support for Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP), OCZ has announced its own "EPP Edition" modules. OCZ seems to have targeted the gap between Corsair's SLI-Ready memory kits. Corsair offers EPP support in its 2 GB TWIN2X kits rated for 800 MHz and 1066 MHz, while OCZ's new 2 GB EPP-enabled Platinum kit has a 900 MHz rating. Timings paint a slightly different picture, with the OCZ kit rated for 4-4-3-15 latencies, and Corsair's 800 MHz and 1066 MHz EPP kits marked for 4-4-4-12 and 5-5-5-15 timings, respectively. Like the Corsair kits, OCZ's Platinum EPP Edition modules will enable automated timing configurations and overclocking on supporting motherboards.
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