AMD to counter Conroe with more cores?

Dean Takahashi, writer for the San Jose Mercury News and author of two books about Microsoft's Xbox, believes AMD is about to launch a "new socket for high-end computers ... that will allow it to put two dual-core microprocessors side by side in a PC." This may sound like Socket F, AMD's upcoming replacement socket for the Opteron line, but Takahashi says this product will be intended for the enthusiast PC market. He supports this claim with quotes from two high-ranking AMD officials:
"This is something we have worked on for a while based on customer feedback," said Brent Barry, director of brand marketing for AMD's FX series of gamer chips. . . . AMD's Barry said that machines with the new sockets will be to run multithreaded games at better performance levels than Intel-based machines.

Patrick Moorhead, vice president of global channel marketing, said the new socket would ship in the second half of 2006 and target the high-end gamer segment.

AMD is expected to announce this "new socket" some time today, possibly at its technology analyst meeting. The meeting announcement says attendees will be treated to "key presentations regarding AMD’s microprocessor business" that may contain "forward-looking and other material information." Thanks to TR reader Pjer for the tip.
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