Asus gets on the Core 2 bandwagon early

Eager to get a head start in the soon-to-be Core 2 Duo motherboard market, Asus has announced a new P5W DH Deluxe motherboard with support for the upcoming Intel chips. Built around Intel's 975X chipset and ICH7R south bridge, the board sports two PCI Express graphics slots capable of running an ATI CrossFire dual-GPU setup. Asus has also tossed in some extra goodies to keep early adopters happy, including a remote with multimedia controls for movies and music along with on/off and standby buttons. The P5W DH Deluxe also features a loop-through "MP3-In" audio connector. Asus says this connector will allow users to play music from portable MP3 players via the computer's speakers even when the machine is turned off. Finally, the board delivers an 8-phase power system in addition to passive chipset cooling. No pricing has been announced, but considering the cost of Asus' existing 975X-based motherboard, something above $200 wouldn't be surprising. Thanks to The Register for the tip.
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