AMD announces 4x4 'ultimate enthusiast platform'

As expected, AMD announced a new dual-socket desktop platform during its technology analyst meeting today. Dubbed 4x4, the platform will allow users to run two dual-core Socket AM2 Athlon 64 FX processors on a single motherboard. AMD says such a dual-socket system can then be fitted with two dual-GPU graphics cards, yielding a total of four CPU cores and four GPU cores—hence the 4x4 name.

Unlike dual-Opteron motherboards, 4x4 boards will take standard unbuffered DDR2 memory. AMD also says the systems will boot with just one processor installed, allowing users to start off with one CPU and one graphics card before upgrading to a full 4x4 solution. The company revealed little else about the new platform, but a video from Alienware touting the benefits of 4x4 was shown during the presentation. This video suggests that Alienware is one of AMD's launch partners for the technology, although nothing was formally announced. A preliminary report by ExtremeTech claims 4x4 systems won't begin shipping until the second half of the year.
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