Leaked slides reveal ATI RD600 chipset features

HKEPC has posted (in Chinese, translate here) what appear to be ATI slides describing the company's upcoming RD600 chipset for Intel Core 2 processors. Built with 90 nm process technology, the RD600 is said to enable front side bus clock speeds of 1,500 MHz—433 MHz higher than the rumored default for desktop Core 2 chips. A purported ATI slide also lists "Automatic PCIe Overclocking" as one of the RD600's features, which sounds eerily similar to the LinkBoost feature introduced in NVIDIA's nForce 590 SLI chipset. Like LinkBoost, ATI's "Automatic PCIe Overclocking" reportedly increases the PCI Express transfer rate by 25% when paired with Radeon graphics cards. This feature supposedly speeds up CrossFire multi-GPU configurations.

In addition to overclocking features, the slides reveal an interesting detail about ATI's rumored GPU-accelerated physics implementation. One of the slides says the RD600 supports triple graphics card setups with two cards dedicated to graphics and one "X1K Data Parallel Processor" handling physics computations. This would fit in with rumors of ATI's multi-GPU physics technology allowing two discrete GPUs not linked by CrossFire to handle graphics and physics separately. ATI is expected to officially discuss physics at Computex later this week.

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