Google CEO talks down browser rumors

After many months of persistent rumors regarding a Google browser, Google CEO Eric Schmidt officially talked down the claims during a conference call with analysts. Schmidt suggested that Google was not planning to introduce a web browser just yet:
"It looks like people have some good browser choices already," Schmidt said. "We would not build a browser for the fun of building a browser," he added. . . . "We would only do something ... if we thought there was a real end-user benefit," he said.
Instead, Google is said to be encouraging the use of third-party web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, and Apple's Safari. Google is also collaborating with Mozilla on the upcoming Firefox 2.0 release, which will include a Google-provided phishing prevention feature. Mozilla says the feature will work by checking browsed sites against a black list of malicious sites, alerting users when they encounter a phishing attack. This functionality is already offered by Google's Safe Browsing extension for current versions of Firefox, but it will be integrated in the next Firefox release.
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